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The Pocket Fountain Pen - Your new creative sidekick

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Small but MIGHTY – introducing the Tom’s Studio Pocket Fountain Pen. This little pen packs quite a punch despite it’s diminutive size. Measuring 100mm when capped and a whopping 165mm posted, it feels like a full size pen perfect for all hand sizes. This is a zero compromise pocket pen with a fantastic selection of interchangeable nibs.

"It’s a proper little pocket pen, intelligently put together and it might even be the most compact pocket fountain pen on the market."
Nick Stewart

Balance - As customers who have followed my work for some time know, I obsess over balance. I think it can really make or break a writing instrument. Which is why I’ve gone over the design and tweaked all of the materials and dimensions to get a balance that sits perfectly in the centre of the pen. Also, when posted (cap on the back of the pen) the extra length just gives you an extra bit of leverage to play with so that you can achieve a lightness of touch when practicing calligraphic upstrokes too.

No Limits - Traditional fountain pens often have a restricted grip area that’s next to an ‘ungrippable’ thread section. Personally I like to hold the pen closer to the nib when writing and further away when drawing. Which is why the Pocket Pen has a 50mm length with no interference.

Sustainability - As you know I’m a big advocate for creating products that last. Despite being an innately sustainable design, the fountain pen has an Achilles heel – the disposable ink cartridge – it’s incredibly convenient but once empty it’s unfortunately destined for landfill. So I’ve included a very handy ink syringe, this gives you the ability to refill your ink cartridges! It works by drawing up ink from a bottle of your choice which you can then fill your previous cartridge with!

Micro-Grooves - Customer feedback (thanks folks!) has led me to machine tiny little grooves in the body of the pen. This means you get all the benefits of the anodised aluminium (longevity, colour weight) without a slippery grip.

Roll stop - Octagons are the bestagons... hitting that sweet spot between comfortable form in the hand, whilst stopping your beloved pen from disappearing from sight as it plunges towards the floor (inevitably) nib first.

Choose one of the following nibs:

Each nib has unique characteristics so please do read up on each to help you make the best choice.


  • Length capped – 100mm
  • Length uncapped – 70mm
  • Pen barrel diameter – 10mm
  • Weight – 25g

Full FAQs and a video guide to getting started with your Studio Fountain Pen can be found here.

Please note: We recommend you flush your fountain pen thoroughly before use. This will remove any oils from the nib which are present during manufacture, and will impede ink flow. 

What ink can I use?
The Studio Fountain Pen works beautifully with all fountain pen inks. Be sure not to use calligraphy specific ink as this can clog the pen.

How do I change the nib?
The nib units all unscrew from the pen. With the nib pointing towards you, remove the ink converter then simply pinch the nib and the feed (the black part under the nib) and twist anti-(counter) clockwise.

We aim to process your order within 1-3 working days. Please note that this increases to 1-4 working days for orders that include any personalisation, such as engraving.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews

Extremely well-made pen, obviously designed for artists and writers, not just collectors: people who will use the pen regularly. I love it.


Dear Tom,

Thank you so much for my perfect pen. It is by far the best pen I've ever bought. The quality is impeccable and it worked straight out of the box. It's a perfectly balanced pen. Even the Titanium semi-flex nib was not unbranded as advertised but engraved with "Tom's Studio."
I've never used a Titanium nib before but took to it straight away.

I now have eyes on the Lumos Pro for my wife, Sally.

Thank you too for the Dorset tea. It is delicious. I'm going to buy some for my Mum who lives in Bournemouth. She loves her tea!

Thank you again for your amazing products, your attention to detail and the time and dedication you have evidently put into each one. I shall be buying from you again soon.

Warmest regards and every blessing,

Chris and Sally

Hi Chris,
Thank you so much for letting us know, that's so lovely to hear! I'm really glad that you are enjoying your pen and a nice cuppa! All the very best, Gemma & Tom

Sara B.
Love it!!!

I absolutely love this pen. I have always hoped someone would creat exactly this pen, a calligraphy pen in a fountain pen!!
Sadly the nib broke in the first week which was heartbreaking but I am trying to organize a replacement! Other than that small issue, I am in love!

TIm H.
Beautifully crafted pocket pen

I am so impressed by this contemporary pocket pen! My pen came with the architect nib (which could be a tad wider) and as soon as inked up, worked straight of the box. Beautiful to sketch with, a confident strong ink flow and just the most delicious heft and balance! Feels so good in the hand. No issues with leaking at all. A beauty! ( I wonder why I didn't choose the mettalic pink!)

Anthony W.
Precision gem

This pen is a joy to own and use. Already a favourite, this precision instrument writes smoothly and feels very comfortable posted and nestled in the hand. It will be heavily used among the various pens I have. Thank you Tom and team.