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The Studio Fountain Pen

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meet the One-dip-nib

A Very Versatile Nib

Long-lasting ink flow and versatile line strokes
with any ink!

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Inky Goodness Guaranteed

Bring your work to life with over 40 shades and styles of ink.

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The Raspberry Lumos

Celebrate the arrival of Summer with our brand new Raspberry Lumos

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The Lumos

A Refillable Fineliner & Brush Pen

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Special Edition

Lumos Brass

Exceptional British Craftsmanship meets Iconic Design.

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Tom's Studio

Beautiful Creative Tools ~ Founded in Craftsmanship.

Tom holding a handmade wood and resin fountain pen

Where every detail is considered

Tom's Studio - Creative Kits

Our carefully curated kits are perfect for calligraphy beginners and experience hands alike

Mix your own ink kit with 3 acrylic calligraphy inks and 3 rose gold ink pots.

Not just a

Calligraphy Pen

Find out why ours are used and celebrated by the world's best.

The Bloom luxury oblique calligraphy pen in three difference colours

As seen or sold in

we're starting a


10 billion pens are thrown away each year. It's why I designed the Lumos, a refillable fineliner and brush pen for professional artists and hobbyists alike.

Tom's Studio - Mission

"To give folks the tools to empower them to pursue their goals, personal well-being & creativity whilst leaving the planet better than we found it."