Lumos - Refillable Fineliner & Brush Pen

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Colour Matte Black

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A Beautiful & Infinitely Refillable Fineliner & Brush Pen with 9 Incredible Tips.

Too many pens and their refills are disposable by design. Similar to printer ink cartridges, pen companies want you to buy into their format so that they can keep selling you replacement pens or refills over and over again.  It's good for their business, but it's bad for the planet and stifles creativity.

As a product designer and craftsman who loves using a variety of pens to create illustrations and designs, I had this very problem! Pens would sit in my drawer for years, either patiently waiting for that very specific refill, or I was just loathed to dispose of an otherwise fully functional pen that had run out of ink.

Having designed and handmade calligraphy and fountain pens for creative folks across the world full time for over 6 years, I decided it was time to apply my knowledge to the pen I used most of all and one of the biggest culprits when it came its disposable nature: the fineliner.


  • Choose between: Super Grippy Matt Black or Satin glass bead blasted Silver or Rose-Gold
  • 0.5 nib for the Single Lumos and a 0.5 and felt tip for the Duo. You can buy your favourite nib size or type in packs of 3 here: Lumos tips. Or the full set of 9 tips here.
  • A reusable cotton core reservoir for each nib, spares available here: Lumos reservoirs.
  • A sample bottle of Tom's Studio - Deep Black Ink (not waterproof). More colours are available here: Fountain pen ink as well as waterproof pigment inks

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Carol S.
    Pen widh

    I wish the pen were a little thicker or wider. It is a little thin to hold.

    Ashley K.
    Versatile pen for on location sketching

    I frequently sketch on location and my top two criteria when it comes to art tools is portability and accessibility. The Lumos works like a charm since I can have both a fine liner and brush pen in one. I love the how easy it is to refill and the sustainability of the pen. The build quality is excellent.

    If I were to offer one critique, it would be to make it such that the pen was magnetic instead of screw on so it would make swapping and capping it much quicker. As it stands, swapping from one side to the other requires a bit of extra effort to screw the cap off one side and place it on the other, then unscrewing the middle section to use the other tip.

    You can see it action here:

    David R.
    All black special edition Lumos

    Love love love this pen! I use it as a writer not a drawing pen and it’s spectacular. I’m a fountain pen user who had no idea that pens like this existed. A revelation. Haven’t changed ink yet so can’t speak to that experience but so far, so great.

    Loving it!

    I pre-ordered the single-tip Lumos in black with a lovely gold cap that looks like a magic wand.

    When it arrived (and having pre-watched the how-to videos), I gleefully took it apart, filled the reservoir with my favourite fountain pen ink and have been merrily writing away ever since, feeling terribly swish.

    An observation: if you need a wider grip, the rubber comfort grips fit the narrow bore of the pen and look surprisingly tasteful (mine's a translucent orange). Because the cap screws into the body, not over it, it can be positioned wherever you need it.

    One time, the pen stopped writing, and I refilled the reservoir. In hindsight, I think it may have just needed warming up. (Also, it hasn't happened again since I added the comfort grip!)

    Marian B.
    Marti's Lumos thoughts

    The two things I like is the way my Lumos looks ,sleek and futuristic!
    And i'm using a small tip to address my Christmas cards with peacock ink, lovely
    I would like however two caps both ends for travel,plus i believe the barrel should have a little more texture for better grip. those are my observations. thanks for a wonderful art pen. Marti

    Things aren't always Black and White.

    Any ink colour anytime.  The Lumos is designed so that you can refill with any fountain pen ink (and even some pigment inks).  So there are no limits to your colour palette when creating your next masterpiece.

    Make it Yours

    We all have our favourite nib sizes and styles. Customising your Lumos to be your perfect writing, drawing or doodling companion couldn't be easier!

    Watch the how to:

    Tip, Top, Tips

    Japan is where the best technical pens are made.  I was never going to be able to design anything that came close to the precision and decades of perfectionism of a Japanese-made nib.  So I designed the Lumos around them, with 9 sizes and types you are sure to find the ones to perfectly suit your style. 

    Reduce, Reuse, Refill

    It's always seemed crazy to me to have to dispose of an otherwise amazing pen, just because it has run out of ink!  With it's interchangeable ink reservoir the Lumos allows you to easily refill with your ink colour of choice.  You'll also never have to buy another pen again! No more refills, No more waste

    Power Couple

    As a designer, I am always reaching for at least two pens to highlight or add details in different styles to my work.  Different pen styles offer different functions, whether that's accentuating detail in a drawing, changing between line weights, or just doodling for the fun of it I wanted to create a pen that you could use for a variety of tasks and that you could truly customise to the way you work.


    Lumos - Duo

    Use any ink colour or combination of the 9 tip styles

    Lumos - Accessories