Tom's studio

A Labour Of Love

From the first pen I handmade for my wife to the pens I now design and/or make for customers around the world.  I put the same care and attention into each and every pen.  I love what I do and hope that it shows in the finished product!

Values & Craftsmanship

After 5 years of handmaking every single pen by hand on my 1960s Myford Engineering lathe. The craft of designing products where every tiny detail is considered is incredibly important to me.

Handmade by Tom

Watch my process of handmaking a pen


I use Swiss CNC (robotic) lathes that allow me to create super delicate and intricate details as well as being able to fine-tune balance and finishes. This equipment is normally used to create parts for the aerospace industry, I really enjoy blurring the boundaries between engineering and creativity.


I used to work at a blacksmith's forge, where we would create fine furniture using nothing more than hammers and fire with precision and care to create beautiful, functional pieces. Since then I’ve had an obsession with materials and manipulating them in ways that blend the boundaries between art and science. Suffice it to say Willy Wonka is a bit of a hero of mine!


In a nutshell, my approach to sustainability is to design products made from incredibly durable materials, where every individual part can be separated (no glues, overmolding) so they can be recycled, easily replaced and without using anything with planned obsolescence (think ink refills and disposable pens).  My hope is that my tools will allow folks to create with freedom without contributing to landfill or using up precious resources needlessly. 

Craft & Manufacture

Where possible I have parts and packaging made in the UK and preferably within a 25mile radius of my studio. When this isn’t possible I work with small family-run businesses where craftsmanship, quality and innovation are at the heart of everything they do.

Form & Function

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." William Morris . This lovely quote says it all really.  I think of design a bit like poetry, where the challenge is conveying the most with the least number of words. I apply this thinking to design where every product should be as versatile in function yet clean and elegant in form.

Creativity & Joy

I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty great when I’m in the glorious flow state of creating something whether that’s designing a product, getting lost in illustration or taking photographs. The tools we use should only add to the experience, by being a reliable companion that you can faithfully count on to create your best work. It’s my mission to create extraordinary tools that folks love using every day.