Why Tom’s Studio

We believe that by investing in a Toms Studio tool, your colleagues are investing in themselves. They’re making a commitment to their work and a statement that it is worthy of a better tool.

customisable hardbound upcycled coffee cup notebook with your choice of tom's studio pen in any colour.
Premium Stationery Package
your choice of Tom's Studio tool branded to your specification.
Custom Tools
A beautifully customisable package of sustainable pens and stationery for any budget.
Starter Stationery Package


Creative Kit Package

The ultimate package for your colleagues to unwind and practice their creativity.


It's our mission to make single-use pens a thing of the past by making better, more versatile and beautiful products. Join us to make the 10 Billion pens that are thrown away each year a thing of the past. Whilst rewarding your colleagues with tools that empower them to create their best work.


We want to empower folks to pursue their goals, personal well-being and creativity whilst leaving the planet better than we found it.

Made from Upcycled Coffee Cups

put your coffee and your money where your mouth is.. . All of our co-branded notebooks are made from used disposable coffee cups, creating a wonderful use for what would normally end up in landfill