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A gamechanging, flexible fountain pen nib.

Ultimate Flexibility

FYI, this is a professional grade nib so please make sure you understand your purchase by reading the GOOD TO KNOW section before ordering.

My Pro-Flex Nib (PATENT PENDING) has been designed from the ground up and has a few novel features which seperate it from the your standard flex nib:

  • The Pro-Flex is fitted with a Titanium Coated Zebra G calligraphy nib, this is the cream of the crop when it comes to calligraphy nibs and gives you the finest of fine strokes and the juiciest of thicker strokes.  It's perfect for drawing, calligraphy and just putting pen to paper.  It flexes from hairline to 2mm.

  • A new ink delivery system, the feed (which delivers the ink) is designed to stay in contact with the nib. It does this by having an integrated 'leaf spring'  which means that the feed flexes when the nib does!  Most flex pens fail when the feed loses contact with the nib but this invention means that it will always deliver a consistent amount of ink.

  • This snazzy little feature also acts like a 'sump' which stores excess ink and releases it when the nib needs it.


  • Most fountain pen nibs are made from Stainless steel which is super resistant to corrosion but is also hard as nails. Calligraphy nibs are made from softer, springier alloys, which allow them to flex with very little pressure.  The tradeoff is that they corrode over time.  However, the Titanium coating protects the nib and makes it last up to 6x longer than a standard nib. Once your nib eventually does bite the dust, you can remove it with pliers and replace with a new nib available here

  • This is a very juicy nib, which is amazing when it comes to performance but can on occasion cause the nib to leak when you're not intending it to. If this happens, just remove the cartridge or convertor before traveling or storing. I will be making stoppers for your cartridges soon too!

  • A very frustrating feature of eye-dropper pens is that they on occasion suffer from something called 'ink burping' (very unpleasant :) ). This is a mystery, the greatest minds are still trying to decipher but it can mean that ink hungry nibs like the pro-flex can be affected by inconsistent ink flow. If this happens it may be worth reverting to an ink cartridge or convertor.
  • Made to work in all of my pens and more, the housing is a Bock 250 size 6 which is common to lots of lovely tools.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Andrew H.
Lovely nib

Flexes beuatifully. Now I just need to learn how to use it properly! :-)

Lois J.
Love it!

This really does work! I’m delighted to find I can get very fine and thicker strokes with this nib.

So smooth and great line variation!

I purchased the Pro-Flex Fountain Pen Nib for use in creating asemic art/writing. I'm really loving this nib/feed takes very little pressure to get thick lines and it writes very smoothly on the paper i'm using (Borden & Riley's #234 Paris Bleedproof Paper). Happy customer!

Stefan W.
Brilliant idea

Over the years I have purchased many pens that claim to be able to utilise a Zebra G nib - none of them have worked very well or for any amount of time. This pro Flex nib with the feed made by Tom is ingenious and works well all the time! It is fitted into my Spark pen from Tom and I am very happy with it and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone!