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Small but MIGHTY

Introducing the Tom’s Studio Pocket Fountain Pen.  This little pen packs quite a punch despite it’s diminutive size.  Measuring 99mm when capped and a whopping 163mm it feels like a full size pen perfect for all hand sizes. This is a zero compromise pocket pen with a fantastic selection of interchangeable nibs.

"It’s a proper little pocket pen, intelligently put together and it might even be the most compact pocket fountain pen on the market."

Nick Stewart

Balance - As customers who have followed my work for some time know, I obsess over balance.  I think it can really make or break a writing instrument.  Which is why I’ve gone over the design and tweaked all of the materials and dimensions to get a balance that sits perfectly in the centre of the pen. Also, when posted (cap on the back of the pen) the extra length just gives you an extra bit of leverage to play with so that you can achieve a lightness of touch when practicing calligraphic upstrokes too.

No Limits - Traditional fountain pens often have a restricted grip area that’s next to an ‘ungrippable’ thread section.  Personally I like to hold the pen closer to the nib when writing and further away when drawing.  Which is why the Pocket Pen has a 50mm length with no interference.

Sustainability - As you know I’m a big advocate for creating products that last.  Despite being an innately sustainable design, the fountain pen has an Achilles heel.  The disposable ink cartridge, it’s incredibly convenient but once empty it’s unfortunately destined for landfill.  So I’ve included a very handy ink syringe, this gives you the ability to refill your ink cartridges!  It works by drawing up ink from a bottle of your choice which you can then fill your previous cartridge with! 

Eye-Dropper - This is a style of fountain pen which allows you to fill the whole pen body with ink.  It’s great because it requires no cartridges and the pen holds more ink!  Upto 2.5ml in the Pocket Pens’ case which means you will have plenty for your travels!  It requires silicone grease which you can buy here.

Micro-Grooves - Customer feedback (thanks folks!) has led me to machine tiny little grooves in the body of the pen.  This means you get all the benefits of the anodised aluminium (longevity, colour weight) without a slippery grip.

Roll stop - Octagons are the bestagons... hitting that sweet spot between comfortable form in the hand, whilst stopping your beloved pen from disappearing from sight as it plunges towards the floor (inevitably) nib first.

All the nibs - Calligraphy in a coffee shop?  Why not!  Instead of carting all of your gear.  The Pocket Pen’s perfectly portable proportions in combination with nibs like the flex titanium make practicing anytime, anyplace a breeze.

Good to Know:

The Pocket Pen Measures 99mm capped. 163mm with the cap posted. Has a grip diameter of 9.2mm at it’s thinnest and 11.2 at it’s widest and weighs 25g. 

To turn your pen into an eye dropper you can find Silicone grease and instructions here

The Pen comes with an ink cartridge filled with our deep black ink, you can easily refill it using the included syringe from a bottle ink

You can also rinse your ink cartridge to fill it with another colour.


    Nib Types:

    The Pro-flex

    is the ultimate flexible fountain pen nib. It uses a Tachikawa G calligraphy nib so it is extremely fine and very flexible making it perfect for practicing calligraphy and illustration. The compromise is that all this lovely flex is made possible by a steel alloy that isn't resistant to moisture. This means that the nib will need replacing if it begins to corrode and is ideally taken out of the pen between uses (more than a few days).

    Enter the Semi-Flex nib - It is made from gold-plated stainless steel and is tipped with an iridium (a very hard and durable material) tip. This nib has special cutaways on the sides of the nib and an extended slit (the channel running along the centre of the nib). This makes it much easier to flex the nib and create those beautiful thick and thin strokes than a conventional fountain pen nib. These nibs can stay in the pen indefinitely and won't corrode. All these juicy inky strokes demand a lot from the pen to stop it from running dry and creating train tracks (parallel thin lines that are created when not enough ink is reaching the nib).

    So I designed my own Extra Inky feed (the part that delivers ink to the nib). These have a novel feature that keeps the feed in contact with the nib even when flexed which makes for a much more consistent ink flow. But what if you want the perfect middle ground between the higher maintenance Pro-Flex and the not quite as flexible Semi-Flex nibs?

    - Enter the Titanium Flex, this beauty has more flex than the semi-flex, a super fine tip that's similar to the Proflex, and is completely maintenance-free. It's a win-win.Fortunately, if you're keen to experiment with all of these nibs the Studio Pen allows you to swap between them all too.

    Everyday Creativity

    The Pocket Fountain Pen's compact and portable design means you can be creative whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

    Smaller when capped than most other pocket fountain pens it extends to the length of a full size pen and also uses a lovely size 6 nib which means that it's compatible with the same lovely nibs as the Studio Pen.

    Join the Refill-ution

    Includes an ink syringe so you can easily refill your used ink cartridges and saving them from landfill!

    no limit to your creativity

    Ultimate flexibility

    Choose between 6 incredible interchangeable nibs; Pro-Flex, Extra Fine Semi-Flex, Fine, Medium, Cursive Italic and Architect.

    Petite Powerhouse

    With every detail considered the Pocket Pen is designed to be a joy to use from the moment you uncap it.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Paul S.
    Beautiful pen makes writing a joy

    I’m so pleased with my pocket pen, the design is fabulous, I love the careful balance in the pen when writing too.
    It feels solid and yet free, I now want a couple of different nibs

    This is my third pen from Tom’s studio I don’t think there is a better pen maker out there

    Paul W.
    The Travelers Perfect Pen

    It is obvious that a great deal of care and thought has gone into the design and manufacturer of this excellent fountain pen. It has a solid durable feel in the hand, and it is very compact when not in use, which is a great advantage when out and about. The hexagonal anti-rolling profile is a genius touch, but most importantly, it seems to enhance the look of my handwriting.. .
    I'm highly delighted with my new Tom's Pocket Pen. The versatile ink filling and storage facility is yet another plus, and I show it off at every opportunity.
    PW . . . MMXXIII

    Helen A.
    Pocket pen

    Lovely and thoughtfully designed pen. So easy to use and looks great. Writes beautifully too and I love the fact you can refill a cartridge

    JUNE W.
    Stunning fountain pen

    I love my new fountain pen. The colour is gorgeous, i bought a silver and lilac one, it is lovely to use, clever design and fits beautifully into my purse. Another superb pen to add to my collection. This is my new favourite ❤️❤️❤️

    Lilly G.
    addicted to writing!

    I cant fault with anything in this pen. I have to find reasons to write more stuff just because it is lovely to write with. The weight is great and the metal is good for griping. I ordered the fine nib and its just perfect for me. Absolutely love this pen!