The Studio Fountain Pen

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The Studio Fountain Pen: The only pen you need for everyday creativity.

Creativity is so important for our mental wellbeing  but often finding the time or motivation to gather your supplies together can be a stumbling block.
Enter The Studio Fountain Pen – your new companion for everyday writing or creative expression. A beautifully designed fountain pen with an incredible selection of nibs making it the only tool you’ll  need to hand to ignite your creativity.
Taking my knowledge from making calligraphy pens for some of the world's leading calligraphers, I wanted to make a pen that took all the best elements of a calligraphy pen and apply it to a fountain pen so you can be creative anywhere, anytime.
  • Everyday Creativity The Studio Fountain Pen's compact and portable design means you can be creative whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

  • Ultimate flexibility - Choose between 6 incredible interchangeable nibs; Extra Fine Semi-Flex, Fine, Medium, Titanium Semi-Flex, Cursive Italic and Architect.

  • Colour and Character - Express yourself and your creativity with one of the Studio Fountain Pen's five beautiful hand dip-dyed colours.

  • Balance - Just like all calligraphy pens, the Studio Fountain Pen has a lovely reassuring weight and its clever cap design makes for a lighter, more comfortable writing experience.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have”
Maya Angelou

Please make sure to read my FAQs (below) to help you make the best choice when choosing your the Studio Fountain Pen's nibs and accessories.


    The Pro-flex

    is the ultimate flexible fountain pen nib. It uses a Tachikawa G calligraphy nib so it is extremely fine and very flexible making it perfect for practicing calligraphy and illustration. The compromise is that all this lovely flex is made possible by a steel alloy that isn't resistant to moisture. This means that the nib will need replacing if it begins to corrode and is ideally taken out of the pen between uses (more than a few days).

    Enter the Semi-Flex nib - It is made from gold-plated stainless steel and is tipped with an iridium (a very hard and durable material) tip. This nib has special cutaways on the sides of the nib and an extended slit (the channel running along the centre of the nib). This makes it much easier to flex the nib and create those beautiful thick and thin strokes than a conventional fountain pen nib. These nibs can stay in the pen indefinitely and won't corrode. All these juicy inky strokes demand a lot from the pen to stop it from running dry and creating train tracks (parallel thin lines that are created when not enough ink is reaching the nib).

    So I designed my own Extra Inky feed (the part that delivers ink to the nib). These have a novel feature that keeps the feed in contact with the nib even when flexed which makes for a much more consistent ink flow. But what if you want the perfect middle ground between the higher maintenance Pro-Flex and the not quite as flexible Semi-Flex nibs?

    - Enter the Titanium Flex, this beauty has more flex than the semi-flex, a super fine tip that's similar to the Proflex, and is completely maintenance-free. It's a win-win.Fortunately, if you're keen to experiment with all of these nibs the Studio Pen allows you to swap between them all too.

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    Everyday Creativity

    The Studio Fountain Pen's compact and portable design means you can be creative whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

    ❤️🧡💛 💚💜💙🖤💖

    Colour and Character-

    Express yourself and your creativity with one of the Studio Fountain Pen's five beautiful hand dip-dyed colours.

    no limit to your creativity

    Ultimate flexibility

    Choose between 6 incredible interchangeable nibs; Pro-Flex, Extra Fine Semi-Flex, Fine, Medium, Italic Stub and Architect.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 52 reviews
    Ute Z.
    Very exzellent

    I was falling in love with my fountain pen. I use very often the pro flex nib and it makes so fun to write with them.

    Tanja W.
    I love my new fountain pen.

    The color is beautiful, the nib is perfect. It is my new favorite pen. I am a sketcher and this fountain pen make my sketches special.

    Abbie R.
    Gorgeous pen and exceptional quality!

    I adore my studio fountain pen - it’s the most beautiful product and the feel of how it is made is just incredible, so polished and refined, but you don’t feel like it’s too precious to use. The medium nib is a joy to write with, and the balance of the pen itself is perfect even for my tiny hands! Can I get one in every colour 🤣

    Thank you, dear

    A present from my wife for Christmas in Sunrise with mop insert and three nibs. Only just got around to trying it out on Rhodia plain paper, marked out on the Engrosser rule to 3mm, and using Diamine Syrah: a bit of a faff to prep, but well worth the fiddle. An old cliche, but writes like an absolute dream.

    Charlotte A.
    A beautiful pen

    I do freelance writing campaigns which involves writing 100 or more letters or cards + addressing envelopes, for brands with their chosen message. I was told that a fountain pen has to be used for every job & was given a standard Parker which after 20 cards was becoming more and more scratchy. It slowed me down and made the whole experience a nightmare so I decided to go for this fountain pen with a medium nib and it’s been perfect! I write thank you cards for my own business every day and so finding a good quality pen that writes smoothly has made life a lot easier, plus the option to change nibs & create your own ink colours is great.