Luxury Modern Calligraphy Kit

Curated by Gemma and contains everything you need to get started with modern calligraphy.

Color Rose Gold
Oblique or Straight Oblique
Ink Colour Gold

Now includes the "game-changing" One-Dip-Wonder!*, 

This calligraphy kit has been curated by Gemma and contains everything you need to begin modern calligraphy. Based on her one-to-one workshops, Gemma has put together a comprehensive work-cards, suitable for complete beginners and those wishing to brush up on their skills. 
This kit includes:

  • Our signature Flourish penholder in black - the most versatile calligraphy pen ever made! Featuring a solid yet lightweight aluminium body, and unique adjustable flange to suit your writing style and hold almost any kind of nib. Choose from straight or oblique.

  • Traceable work-cards! These 14-pages are a game changer, unlike most kits, you can practice the letterforms by tracing them until you feel more confident.  Created by professional calligrapher and one half of Tom's Studio, Gemma. It's a modern calligraphy masterclass that contains everything you need to know to get started.

  • A G Nib - A versatile nib that's great for beginners

  • * One-Dip-Wonder!, which acts as a nifty ink reservoir for your nib, so you can write to your hearts content without constantly dipping!

  • A beautiful gold-foiled 25 page A5 practice pad, with perforated pages. Smooth blank white bleed-proof paper, thin enough to place your guidelines underneath and perfect for practicing

  • A 30ml bottle of Tom's Studio acrylic ink. Choose from Black ink, Gold ink or Silver ink.

The workbook will introduce you to modern calligraphy, as well as giving you a short background to the art and its origins. It will then explain how to set up your space and hold your pen correctly, before moving on to basic strokes and the upper and lowercase alphabet. It will also take you through common mistakes, and once you've got the hang of it, there are examples for you to copy and practice so you can begin to construct your own phrases and develop your own style. Written by Gemma Milly, one half of Tom's Studio and teacher of Modern Calligraphy.

Everything is presented in a luxury white box with gold foiled logo. Perfect as a gift or for budding calligraphers wanting a professional kit to get started with.

Box size: 230 x 165 x 50mm

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This is a very common question and one that at Tom's Studio as it can make a big difference to the pen you decide to buy. Fortunately we have lovely designs for both straight calligraphy pens and oblique pen holders so whatever you decide you'll know you have the perfect tool for the job.

A straight calligraphy pen is a more simple design that holds a nib at a straight angle to the paper. This type of 'pen holder' (another name for a calligraphy pen) is well suited for upright scripts, such as Roman, Modern, and Gothic scripts, where the strokes are primarily vertical or horizontal. If you're a leftie with an underwriter grip you will most likely prefer a straight pen for slanted styles of calligraphy (below) as the angle you'll naturally hold the pen is suited to these.

An oblique pen holder, on the other hand, holds the nib at an angle, usually between 15 to 30 degrees, relative to the writing surface. This angle allows for more comfortable and efficient writing of scripts that have slanted strokes, such as Copperplate or Spencerian. In other words, you don't have to strain your wrist to achieve the perfect writing angle. The slant of the nib also helps to create variations in line thickness and is used to produce a more expressive and decorative style when writing on an angle. If you're a left-handed calligrapher who writes overhand, my oblique pen holders also work perfectly as the brass nib holder can be flipped so that it sits on the right hand side of the pen. This allows you to write at the correct angle for slanted-style calligraphy. Win!

Buy it with

The most versatile calligraphy pen ever made...

My unique design fits nibs as large as a Nikko G, all the way down to smaller nibs like the Brause 66EF, as well as our 3.5mm pencil lead (available here), so you can draft your creations before committing to ink.

with the flourish

Make changing nibs a breeze

You can now park the pliers and say sayonara to screws. Instead all you need to do is place your favourite nib in the holder, twist and you’ll be back to flourishing in a flash!  


The Flourish

A handy how to guide

more from the studio

Which pen is right for me?

Your calligraphy style is unique to you, so why shouldn’t your pen be too? 

As no two calligraphers are the same, I designed The Flourish so that you can easily customise the angle of the nib to suit your calligraphy style (and stop that annoying snag on paper on an upstroke).

I’ve also refined the balance of the pen so that the centre of gravity sits between your forefinger and your thumb joint, making it feel neither top nor bottom heavy.

Inky goodness

That Goes On and On

This calligraphy ink reservoir means you spend less time dipping and more time creating beautiful work!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kevin S.
An Elegant Introduction to Calligraphy...

So I purchased this Luxury calligraphy set for me as I am using calligraphy and writing as a form of therapy and pain control. Everything I recieved was of the highest quality, had information within and really was the gift that kept on giving. From the lovely box which will be used to house all of my precious pens, to the packaging containing wonderful drawings, information and illustrations, all I am sure designed not only to look good, but to put a smile on your face.
I love this kit and can`t wait to buy my next calligraphy items from Tom`s Studio, they obviously love what they do and it shows.

Hannah W.
Beautiful beginner kit

Beautifully packaged, and great quality items. I’m only just getting started, but the pen is comfortable to hold, and the guides are a great help.

Stacey N.

Luxury Modern Calligraphy Kit

Dawn H.

As a brush pen calligrapher only up to now, I decided to take the plunge and purchase the Modern Calligraphy kit, with the beautiful Flourish oblique pen. Wow! I can't believe how easily I transitioned! The whole kit is just quality, the pen balances perfectly in the hand and the One Dip Wonder is a gamechanger! Can't praise this kit enough! Now I want to buy allllll the nibs!

Anne H.
Beginner's review

I've never done calligraphy before and was looking for a new way to write on my doodles when I saw a review for the Lumos pen, and when checking it out I saw the calligraphy pens and thought "this is the answer!" While trying to figure what I would need - there was the kit - so easy! I'm getting used to holding the pen (it's very comfortable) and having fun figuring out how to write with a nib and I know it will take a while - but I'm loving the journey. The entire kit is high quality and I'm glad I purchased it as I know it will last me into retirement.

Many thanks Tom, for creating such a wonderful calligraphy pen and putting together a kit to make it easy for us beginners.