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The Bic pen is one of the most popular writing instruments in the world, with over 100 billion produced since its inception. While convenient, consistent, and light, the fact that these billions of pens will sit in landfills for thousands of years is a major downside.

That's why I designed the Lumos - Refillable Writing Pen. This pen is built to last and provide as much utility as possible. Here are some of its features:

  • Infinitely refillable: The Lumos writing pen has a reservoir that can be easily refilled just by dipping it in ink. It works by capillary action, which feeds the pen tip and keeps the ink flowing beautifully.
  • Two tip sizes: The refillable pen comes with a fine (approx. 0.3) writing tip.
  • Any ink colour: You're no longer limited to just blue and black. You can refill your pen with any fountain ink colour, including waterproof pigment ink.
  • Smooth tips: The Lumos writing pen comes with an incredible Japanese-made writing tip that provides just the right level of feedback on paper. You can write at any angle, and the tip is incredibly durable, so no matter how hard you press on the paper, it will take it. When the tip does eventually wear out, all that needs replacing is this tiny tip.
  • Drawing the line: Disposable drawing pens are also a problem, but the Lumos pen solves that issue too. With its rounded tip, you can make hairline strokes as well as thicker lines, and the pen has a beautiful feel on the page. Combine it with pigment inks, and you have a professional drawing pen with an extremely durable tip.
  • Endlessly interchangeable: The Lumos Refillable writing pen doesn't limit you to just one tip type. You can easily swap between another 9 different tip styles, including fineliners (0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0) and felt-tips (2mm chisel, bullet, and brush). You can find the full creative tip set here.


  • Choose between: Super Grippy Matt Black
  • The Lumos - Refillable Writing Pen comes with two writing tips a 0.3 and a 0.5 so that you can choose which one works best for you. You can buy replacement writing or other tips here in packs of 3 here: Lumos tips. 
  • A reusable cotton core reservoir for each nib, spares available here: Lumos reservoirs. The longer version works in this pen
  • The Lumos Write weighs 20g and is 10mm in diameter 
  • The pen includes a Tom's Studio - Deep Black Ink (not waterproof) 5ml bottle of ink. More colours are available here: Fountain pen ink as well as waterproof pigment inks . Calligraphy Inks are not compatible (find out more in FAQs below).

    Full FAQs can be found here

    What ink can I use?

    - All nibs will work with all but the most experimental fountain pen inks (think shimmer + iridescent). I've tried a LOT and I'm yet to find one that doesn't work well. I'd encourage you to experiment and find the inks that work best for you!

    Pigment Ink for fountain pens can be found here.

    Calligraphy Ink has an acrylic binder which will block the Pen

    What are the differences between the Duo and the Single Lumos?

    The Duo Lumos allows you to have two different pens in one body, allowing you to easily change between nibs and ink colours on either side.

    The Single Lumos has one tip and one ink reservoir which is double the Duo's reservoir size.

    What's the difference between the Lumos and other refillable technical pens? (E.g. Rotring Isograph and Copic Multiliner).

    Please find my explainer here

    Buy it with


    compatible with 11 amazing interchangeable tips

    no more disposable pens!

    waterproof pigment ink compatible

    refill with any fountain pen ink colour

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Sheila Y.

    I’m always on the lookout for a very good pen and I was looking to replace the disposable pens I use at work to write notes and lists. I thought this was just a pen, but a very nice one, with a sleek design and brilliant ethos. It’s been a week or so and I adore this pen. The weight is perfect - sturdy and balanced. I love that I have the choice to switch ink colours if I want. What I hadn’t expected was a reminder of how much I love writing and mark-making, because of how smoothly this pen flows. It’s an excellent tool, and unexpectedly an absolute joy to use. In fact, I’ve asked for the mini for Christmas so I can use with a brush tip for drawing. Thank you, Tom.

    Alwyn W.
    Amazing pen!

    I’m a teacher and hate writing with cheap biros. I’m a bit of a sucker for a nice pen and came across these online. I loved the idea of a fountain pen that’s a bit different so thought I’d give it a go. I use it daily for my lesson planning and it writes so smoothly it’s a pleasure to use. I’ve now ordered the pro so I can use multiple colours in my notebooks.

    Writes beautifully.

    This pen writes beautifully, it’s very smooth and I love the way you can change up the writing tips. The pen is good weight. My only negative is that aesthetically it is a bit bleh, it’s like holding a drinking straw and I would like it to look less boring and dull and it would be nice to have a choice of colours. However I still give it 5 stars as it really writes well.

    Andy W.
    Awesome pen!

    This is one of the best pens I have ever bought! I usually go for fountain pens so that I can just refill them with whatever ink I like and now I have a really fine pen that writes just like a ball-point pen that I can also refill!

    I think I probably need more, so that I can have different colours of ink available, just like I have with my fountain pens!!

    If only they had a coloured band to match the colour of the ink in them.

    Brian K.
    Gorgeous Pen & Great Customer Service

    Really love the pen! It’s sleek, stylish, modern, and writes like a dream!
    Also, shoutout to the Tom’s Studio Team! I had a small issue with my order and they got back to me pretty quickly to help me!

    Things aren't always Black and White.

    Any ink colour anytime.  The Lumos is designed so that you can refill with any fountain pen ink (and even some pigment inks).  So there are no limits to your colour palette when creating your next masterpiece.

    Make it Yours

    We all have our favourite nib sizes and styles. Customising your Lumos to be your perfect writing, drawing or doodling companion couldn't be easier!

    Watch the how to:

    Tip, Top, Tips

    Japan is where the best technical pens are made.  I was never going to be able to design anything that came close to the precision and decades of perfectionism of a Japanese-made nib.  So I designed the Lumos around them, with 9 sizes and types you are sure to find the ones to perfectly suit your style. 

    Reduce, Reuse, Refill

    It's always seemed crazy to me to have to dispose of an otherwise amazing pen, just because it has run out of ink!  With it's interchangeable ink reservoir the Lumos allows you to easily refill with your ink colour of choice.  You'll also never have to buy another pen again! No more refills, No more waste

    Power Couple

    As a designer, I am always reaching for at least two pens to highlight or add details in different styles to my work.  Different pen styles offer different functions, whether that's accentuating detail in a drawing, changing between line weights, or just doodling for the fun of it I wanted to create a pen that you could use for a variety of tasks and that you could truly customise to the way you work.


    Lumos - Duo

    Use any ink colour or combination of the 9 tip styles