Original Flourish - Oblique Calligraphy Pen

A perfect starter pen fitted with my universal nib holder.

This batch of Black Flourish Calligraphy Pens have a silky matte black finish which sings quality and craft.  The black edition not only looks beautiful but is designed to be the best tool for the job.

You can now park the pliers and say sayonara to screws. Instead all you need to do is place your favourite nib in the holder, twist and you’ll be back to flourishing in a flash!  

My unique design fits nibs as large as a Nikko G, all the way down to smaller nibs like the Brause 66EF, as well as our 3.5mm pencil lead, so you can draft your creations before committing to ink.


As no two calligraphers are the same, I designed the pen so that you can easily customise the angle of the nib to suit your calligraphy style. I’ve also refined the balance of the pen so that the centre of gravity sits between your forefinger and your thumb joint, making it feel neither top nor bottom heavy.

Your calligraphy style is unique to you, so why shouldn’t your pen be too?  It’s the reason I dip dye each and every pen by hand, lending them their own totally unique characteristics.


Good to know & FAQs:

  • Each pen is beautifully presented in an card envelope with lettering guides

  • Every pen is machined from solid metals on a lathe used for making fine watch and aerospace grade components, so you can be sure your pen will write perfectly for years and years to come.

  • Measures 145mm x 10mm and weighs 22g.

  • Designed with the planet in mind. I’ve made sure that this pen is made from infinitely recyclable materials, such as brass and aluminium, which are easily separated (no glue or un-recyclable plastics here).

  • Nibs are sold separately and you can find them here

  • I have a superb range of inks to compliment your pen and you can find them here
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  • We offer a complimentary repair service, so should your Flourish pen need a little TLC please contact us .


We aim to process your order within 1-3 working days. Please note that this increases to 1-4 working days for orders that include any personalisation, such as engraving.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Michael R.
Fantastic versatility!

As a left handed overwriter, I have struggled to find any pens that work for me. The ability to revolve the holder in a complete 360 has made it perfect!

It's a Wonderful Product

I would recommend this pen to anyone - it is absolutely fantastic. It arrived so quickly, fixes every problem I've had with other pens and there is nothing about it I don't like. It's amazing.

James D.
An Innovative Design

I think this is the most innovative design to come along in at least a century. It is the adjustability that sets this holder apart from any others, and makes it adaptable to the user instead of the user having to adapt to the holder.

Stacey J.H.
It's superb! Love it!

I have a thing for adjustable oblique pens and I honestly didn't think I'd find another that I would like as much as my wooden adjustable obliques. But this one changed my mind! I'm only three years into my calligraphy journey and, unlike many of my peers, I am more appreciative of the nib holders without the chunkier shafts. This pen holder is more my comfort-level. I love the look and feel of it as well as the performance. The fact that it is adjustable is icing on the cake. Already one of my faves and I've only had it a few weeks!

Helen B.
Oblique Pen

Thank you so much for the oblique holder. Its amazing and has made a real difference to my efforts of writing Copperplate.