Lumos Pro - Refillable Multi-Tip Pen

A beautiful & infinitely refillable fineliner, writing & brush pen including 9 professional artist's tips.

Type Single Tip
Colour Matte Black
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A beautiful and infinitely refillable fineliner, writing, and brush pen, including 9 professional artist's tips and 2 writing tips

Too many pens and their refills are disposable by design. Similar to printer ink cartridges, pen companies want you to buy into their format so they can keep selling you replacement pens or refills repeatedly. It's good for their business, but it's bad for the planet and stifles creativity.

"It is brilliant: Beautiful, the perfect weight, a range of nibs, satiny ink. The drawing (almost) does itself."
David Downton - (one of the world’s leading fashion artists)

As a product designer and craftsman who loves using a variety of pens to create illustrations and designs, I had this very problem! Pens would sit in my drawer for years, either patiently waiting for that very specific refill, or I was just loath to dispose of an otherwise fully functional pen that had run out of ink.

Having designed and handmade calligraphy and fountain pens for creative folks across the world full-time for over 6 years, I decided it was time to apply my knowledge to the pen I used most of all and one of the biggest culprits when it came to its disposable nature: the fineliner.

    Included in the box:

    • The Lumos Pro Single or Duo in your choice of colour – grippy matte black or satin-finished Sage, Lilac, Ivy, or Blush
    • The Lumos Full Creative Tip Set
    • 3ml Deep Black Ink sample
    • Ink Reservoir (Lumos Pro Single x1, Lumos Pro Duo x2)


    • Lumos Pro Single/Duo
    • Length capped – 155mm
    • Length uncapped – 145mm
    • Pen barrel diameter – 10mm
    • Weight – 20g

    The Lumos Full Creative Tip set contains 11 tips:

    • Fineliner: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0
    • Felt-Tip: Chisel, bullet & brush
    • Writing: 0.3, 0.5

    Full FAQs and a video guide to getting started with your Lumos can be found here.

    What ink can I use?

    The Lumos is compatible with all but the most experimental fountain pen inks (think shimmer + iridescent). We offer a beautiful range of pigment ink for fountain pens, which are perfect for the Lumos and can be found here.

    Note: Calligraphy Ink has an acrylic binder which will block the pen and is not suitable for use with The Lumos.

    What are the differences between the Duo and the Single Lumos?

    The Single Lumos has one tip and one ink reservoir, which is double the Duo's reservoir size.
    The Duo Lumos allows you to have two different pens in one body, allowing you to easily change between nibs and ink colours on either side.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 354 reviews
    Jane E.
    I love this pen!

    I have never had a pen like this. It writes easily, refills easily and allows you to change inks without a lot of involved cleaning. Thank you!


    Wow. I’m so impressed with this duo! Writes better than any other f/liner I have and the call pen is divine!


    Amazing pen. Just love it.

    Sheena C.
    Very pleased with my purchase

    Very happy with my new pen: it's a pleasure to use and writes very smoothly. Delivery to Ireland was quick and my new pen was well-packaged. I appreciated being able to make a lovely cup of tea with the enclosed teabag too! Thank you, Tom.

    Mae N.
    Surprisingly good

    My first thought, when I have opened the package was: ‘the design could use a bit refining’. I still do not enjoy to have three metal colors on one pen, but I also love using the Lumos. It lays perfectly in hand even for long drawing sessions, allows me to use my fav inks and that almost without creating waste. The 0,1 tip is approximately 0.2 Copic liner tip, perfect for my writing and drawing. I plan to replace my liners with Lumos step by step, they really are worth it.