Lumos - Full Creative Tip Set

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Japanese made fibre and brush tips for your Lumos Pen. This is the full set of creative tips:

0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, Brush, 2.0 Chisel & Bullet

Including a handy card tip holder so that you can keep track of which tips you are using. If you'd like to replace a tip you can simply rinse your used tip, leave it to dry and replace with another. 

See how to replace the tips below:


- Nib sizes are different depending on the manufacturer (Eg Sakura, Staedler) If anything ours are on the smaller side so it might be worth getting the size down from your preferred choice as well.

- All nibs will work with all but the most experimental fountain pen inks (think shimmer and iridescent). I've tried a LOT and haven't found one that doesn't work well. Experiment and find the inks that work best for you!

- I recommend Sailor Kiwa-guro ink if you would like to use a waterproof archival pigment ink.  50ml will last you for years!  Avoid using pigment in the brush, chisel and felt tip as it will clog.

- If in doubt use ink designed for fountain pens or make sure that it's dye based. Indian, acrylic and gouache based inks will clog the pen.  At least the nibs and resevoirs are easily replaceable if this does happen!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Love this pen so much that I plan on gifting it to others!

Steve K.
Fab tips

Being able to swap pen tips on a refillable pen is great, change the ink, change the tips, you have limitless possibilities.

Getting the full set, allows creativity to the max

Elizabeth D.
I bloody love this pen

I love how it feels to hold and to write. How easy it is to switch the tips around and explore my writing and sketching. ❤️

Nina S.
In love with my new pen

The lumos was the 4th of Tom’s pens but for everyday use not calligraphy. I love the filling system so easy to just place the insert into a bottle of ink and let it fill by capillary action. Just wish all pens could be filled this way. I love the fact
I have one pen but two colours available. Makes it so easy to carry and is great as I normally work in the pharmaceutical industry and almost all Documentation is filled out in black and red ink. The only thing I would like to see is another brass end cap as although the end is sealed it does attract debris from my handbag and in my opinion would just be the final piece to improve what is a brilliant pen. The set of all the nibs was great as you can find the right tip and then just buy a 3 pack of your preferred nib. My set contained 9 nibs but I now think the pack contains 11 different nibs.