Artist Feature - Caroline, Urban Sketchliner

Artist Feature - Caroline, Urban Sketchliner

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Portrait of Caroline from Urban Sketchliner
It gives me great pleasure to kick off the New Year with our first Artist Takeover of 2024, introducing Caroline Smith from Urban Sketchliner. I love the quick and loose approach to Caroline's work. Here Caroline shares her passion for Architecture which was ignited by her Architect father. 

Please can you give me an introduction about who you are and what you do? 

I have a degree in interior design and have been in the industry for over 35 years. I run my own company WISH Interior Architecture based in London and we work across the sectors, designing hotels, luxury residential properties and commercial schemes. I’ve always had a love for hand sketching and am specifically passionate about drawing cityscapes and urban skylines. This coupled with my lifelong love for travelling and photography has formed the basis of my creative path.

When did you start drawing? 

I’ve always drawn as far back as I can remember. My Dad used to practice in architecture and was a huge encouragement to me from being very small. It made me start to look at spaces 3-dimentionally and cultivated my love for architecture and interior design.

What appeals to you most about what you do? 

I love sitting down with a client and sketching ideas. They really like this aspect and it helps them understand how a space works. It’s a simple approach but very useful as sometimes technical plans and detail drawings can be daunting to the end user.

Also, drawing and painting is complete relaxation for me and helps the mind switch off. It is really rewarding to do something that I love, I sketch daily and am always looking for new subjects and different angles to capture an urban landscape in whatever medium.

If you had to start again, what advice would you give yourself? 

Travel even more than I have done and don’t be too precious about loose sketches. Some of my best artwork are pieces that I haven’t thought too hard about. Having the ability to embrace that freedom is something I cherish, I would never take it for granted.

What are the best resources you’ve found online or elsewhere that helped you get started? 

I’m a bit ‘Old School’ really and love hand drawing and painting but ‘Pro Create’ is a great asset to assist you in the digital age. I’m an absolute pen addict as well and enjoy using new tools. The Lumos from your studio is my favourite addition this year! I love the sustainable quality and the flexibility it has.

Who are the artists/individuals that inspire you most and where can we find them? 

I absolutely love Patrick Vale an English man living and working in New York, I met him through Instagram and his artwork is incredible and very clever. He is well ahead of his time. I also follow Klaus Meier-Pauken from Germany, his sketches are so loose, vibrant as well as accurate and very uplifting. The architect Carlo Scarpa has also been a great inspiration to me especially his exquisite levels of detail and proportion. The Dutch Masters influenced me a great deal as I studied, plus I just love Constable for his landscapes and big skies and Pissaro for the cityscapes.

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