The 'One Dip Wonder'

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A game changing ink reservoir. Pop it on the back of your nib and you're ready to go. Buy 3 one dip wonders and save 15%

The 'One Dip Wonder' really is a game changer. Having to dip your pen in ink half-way through writing can ruin your flow, cause an inky mess and take up your precious calligraphy time.  

After months of trial and error I've found the perfect answer to this problem!

 The 'One Dip Wonder' combines the perfect size spring with a tiny but powerful neodymium magnet creating a reservoir of ink for your calligraphy pen

All you have to do is pop it onto the back of the nib (underneath the breather hole) and you're ready to go!  

As you can see from the video it doesn't stop flowing!  

See Milly from @blinklettering 's fantastic review here:


- The One Dip Wonder currently works with larger straight nibs like Nikko Gs, EF Principals, Hunt 101s, Blue Pumpkin etc. (Brause EF is not currently compatible. )

- Please be sure to clean and dry your spring and magnet after each use to prolong their life.

- We have found that the One Dip Wonder will not work with certain colours in the Finetec metallic ink palettes. Our metallic calligraphy inks and Fountain pen inks appear to work well however. Please be aware of this when ordering. 

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Customer Reviews

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Jeremy R.
Works well, but fiddly and could benefit from an instruction leaflet

Once in place it does a remarkably good job, however it does take a bit of experimentation to get in the right position.

Essentially is a very small spring with an even tinier powerful earth magnet rattling around inside it - it is not fixed and comes out alarmingly easily – caution is required, particularly when cleaning it.

In the absence of any documentation I had to glean what I could from various review videos, but even then it's not precisely clear – some say to place over the breathing hole, others just behind it.

It's a fiddly job fitting it, especially if you have large hands and sausage fingers like I do - if the magnet isn't bang in the middle of the spring it has a tendency to pull itself upright at a right angle to the nib.

In conclusion it is indeed a "wonder", allowing four times as much ink action on a single dip, but I can't help thinking that it would be vastly improved if the magnet was fixed, or at least contained within the spring. That and an accompanying little illustrated installation guide would have been a big help.

The fabulous One Dip Wonder

Wow, wow, wow! Absolutely amazed what a difference the One Dip Wonder makes! I have only just started on my calligraphy journey and was getting a bit fed up with the constant dipping required as I was practicing, but the One Dip Wonder has put an end to that as it really does let me write for longer! Such a brilliant little product! Thank you Tom!

Arielle F.
Must buy!

A simple solution to allow yourself to stay in flow with your pen on paper for longer. Does exactly as promised :)

Leslie K.C.
So so useful!!

I used to snuff at the idea of this little spring thingy that 'steals the joy' of dipping the nib into ink every now and then, but when the hobby turns into a side hustle and getting orders of 40, 50, 100 placecards to write, you'd NEED this little buddy to pull you thru the job without having to stop every minute just to dip the pen in ink!!! I can't do without it anymore.

julia W.
A wonder to behold!

I have been using a pointed pen for a few years now, for copperplate and for illustration. Having purchased a One Dip Wonder it has made the flow so much better. A simple little device, that really is worth having. And of course the packaging and information lives up to Tom’s Studio’s expected standard.