The 'One Dip Wonder'

A game changing ink reservoir. Pop it on the back of your nib and you're ready to go. Buy 3 one dip wonders and save 15%

The 'One Dip Wonder' really is a game changer – a nifty little spring reservoir that can be added to any nib. Having to dip your pen in ink half-way through writing can ruin your flow, cause an inky mess and take up your precious calligraphy time. No more!

After months of trial and error I've found the perfect answer to this problem!

 The 'One Dip Wonder' combines the perfect size spring with a tiny but powerful neodymium magnet creating a reservoir of ink for your calligraphy pen

All you have to do is pop it onto the back of the nib (underneath the breather hole) and you're ready to go!  

As you can see from the video it doesn't stop flowing!  

See Milly from @blinklettering 's fantastic review here:


- The One Dip Wonder currently works with larger straight nibs like Nikko Gs, EF Principals, Hunt 101s, Blue Pumpkin etc. (Brause EF is not currently compatible. )

- Please be sure to clean and dry your spring and magnet after each use to prolong their life.

- We have found that the One Dip Wonder will not work with certain colours in the Finetec metallic ink palettes. Our metallic calligraphy inks and Fountain pen inks appear to work well however. Please be aware of this when ordering. 

We aim to process your order within 1-3 working days. Please note that this increases to 1-4 working days for orders that include any personalisation, such as engraving.

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Customer Reviews

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Brilliant idea. And works.

Thank you Tom.


What would I do without my one dip wonder?

Mark T.
The One Dip Wonder

I've purchased this item several times in the past, and will, without doubt, purchase again. The ODW saves a lot of time, especially if, like myself, you're learning the art of Copperplate. Dipping the pen into an inkwell is fun, but can slow progression considerably. With the the ODW, instead of dipping every 5 or 6 words of 6 letters, we can almost finish a 20 word sentence before dipping into the inkwell again. As well as the product, the service and speed of delivery from Tom's is also, exceptional. A great team and a great company.

Wonderful little gadget

Little is the operative word! But. It reduces the need for frequent dips into ink and makes writing a pleasure

John T.

This simple little gadget increases writing time before a re-dip by about 300 per cent. A genius idea. Sosimple yet so effective. Thanks to whoever thought of this.