Mechanical Pencil Gift Set

Pencil Colour Black
Size 0.5mm

Opening a blank page in a notebook is full of inspiration and possibility. 

That's why I've curated this gift set that's perfect for any sketcher, designer or journalling enthusiast to capture and explore all of their ideas for the year ahead. Beautifully presented in a gold-foiled gift box, it's wrapped and ready-to-gift too! 

My mechanical pencil is sleek, unfussy and precisely balanced, making it a joy to create with. It even has a satisfying *click*!

I paired it with this notebook designed in collaboration with my friends at Coffeenotes. Unbelievably, it's made from recycled coffee cups - how cool is that?! 

Finally I added in my favourite eraser too  - as we don't always get things right first time...

This gift set contains:

  • The Tom's Studio mechanical pencil, in your choice of colour and size of lead
  • Coffeenotes blank notebook, made from recycled coffee cups
  • The best eraser in the world!