Lumos - Grip & Rollstop

A soft, forgiving & tactile grip that makes writing, drawing or brush lettering a joy.

Material Natural Cork

These nifty little grips take using your Lumos to another level, made from your choice of Portugese Cork or Natural or Black Veg-Tanned leather they have a soft, forgiving tactile feel making writing, drawing or brush lettering a joy.

Measuring 12-13mm in diameter they have a nice chunky feel to them meaning you don't have to death-grip your pen, they also slide up and down so you can use it easily on either end of your Lumos Pro.  As a little bonus I designed them to create a rollstop so your pen won't be going anywhere even on the most uneven of surfaces.

Each sleeve is lovingly handmade in the UK by master leatherworker, Edward De Lacy.  You'll notice the level of care Edward takes when you see the exquisitely burnished edges!

The grip measures: 12-13mm x 40mm and weigh 3 grams

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Saved my fingers!


This is a wonderful tool. The grip feels so comfortable when writing and secures the pen nicely on your table ensuring the pen doesn’t roll off.


I have a couple cork grips and love them. They are great to use and the pen does not roll. As for the black grip, it looks stunning with the brass duo.

Rob M.
Must Have Accessory

The Lumos is a great pen to replace Biros and very versatile with nib and ink variations. I found it too think to write with for long periods. This grip feels so much better for longer use. Highly recommended

Great pen, great design, great packaging

I used to study design at school and the only way I can describe using the pen is it wants you to do more than just write with it. Re-filling is so easy with no mess and I've got some extra ink and nibs for Christmas. Now I just need one of the grips for no rolling off my desk and no more rubbish biros required.