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Made the inconvenient way

Posted by Mark Snare on

...By people who care. I've just been listening to @sethgodin 's Akimbo podcast which illustrates how the quality of a product is often because of its creators pride in not taking the easiest route. Infact its often the most inconvenient ways which lead to the best results. So, I'm very proud in saying that all of my products are all inconveniently made! 😁
A good example of this is my collaboration with @homethrownstudiowabi-sabi inkwells. Thrown by hand they are then left to dry out for at least 3 days, they then go in for their first overnight bisque firing, the first glaze is then applied left to dry a second glaze is then applied, it then goes in for its second overnight firing, Gemma then applies 24ct gold lustre with a tiny brush and dilutes some with lavender oil (potters trick) and artfully flicks it onto the pot for a beautiful eggshell effect, it then goes in for its final overnight firing... A most inconvenient method but I hope you agree it was worth it.

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