Fountain Pen Ink - 12 Juniper

What better inspiration than the Juniper plant, with its delicious bounty of deep purple berries.

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The finest British-made fountain pen ink suitable for all pens

For one of our darkest, richest shades of ink, we once more looked to the natural world for inspiration, and what better inspiration than the Juniper plant, with its delicious bounty of deep purple berries.

Transform the way you create with an ink colour that sets you apart!

Most pens offer ink cartridges in a limited selection of colours. I want to change that by bringing you this range of beautifully rich and distinctive inks – with no need to dispose of or replace an empty cartridge.

These wonderfully free-flowing inks come in a number of beautiful and nuanced shades. They truly are a joy to write or create with!

  • Each bottle holds 50ml of this lovely ink, enough to keep you going for reams of writing, drawing, or doodling.
  • All our inks are water-based, acid-free, non-toxic, and vegan-friendly.
  • Each ink comes beautifully presented in a stunning bottle with an antique laid paper, gold-foiled label.

Our fountain pen ink is compatible with all Tom’s Studio Pens, including calligraphy (The Flourish, Carrot, and Bloom), fountain (The Studio and Studio Pocket), and fineliner (The Lumos and Lumos Mini).

Fountain pen inks are highly 'layerable', allowing you to build different intensities or colours by applying more or less ink on the paper. Please note that the colour on the label may not perfectly represent the colour achieved when using different pens or techniques.

Because the ink has such a concentrated colour, you can dilute it with a smidge of water (ideally distilled) to create watercolour-like washes and depth of colour.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews

Beautiful ink. And so vivid!


Lovely black. Flows well.


Beautiful colour. Thank you.

Tim C.
Lovely coloured in, highly recommended, not waterproof

I love this ink, it's a really beautiful teal colour, depending on your lighting it can look more green or more blue.

So far I have used it in a Lumos Mini with a 0.5mm Fineliner nib, it flows so effortlessly through the pen and I haven't noticed the pen skip once whilst using it.
I have also briefly dipped a glass pen into the ink, it works every bit as nicely off the glass pen , it actually made the glass pen feel smoother on the page than other inks.

I haven't really tested layering or painting the ink directly to provide shade variation, so on that count I can't comment yet.

The one element I find slightly disappointing is that the ink is not waterproof, even when given overnight to dry. I have tried using it for botanical drawing, paired with watercolor pencils, but the ink always gets picked up by a wet brush. It isn't advertised as being waterproof so I can't really judge it negatively, though it would be nice if the product
description specified that it wasn't waterproof.

To conclude I highly recommend and I absolutely love the ink, the colour, how it flows and will use it again, just not before a wet brush in art pieces.

I am curious and excited to try more of Tom's Studio's products in due course.


Very smooth ink with delicious, intense colour that dries quickly. As a lefty, this is hugely helpful and I haven’t had a purple hand yet.