Lumos Brass: Special Edition

Finest Refillable Finery

Lumos Brass: Special Edition

The Lumos - A beautiful & infinitely refillable fineliner, writing & brush pen compatible with up to 11 Japanese tips.

Introducing the Lumos Brass: Special Edition, where exceptional British craftsmanship meets iconic design.

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The Story Behind the Design

I’ve always believed that the tools we use should bring us joy and reflect the quality of the work we create. It’s why I made the very first calligraphy pen for my wife Gemma all those years ago! 

It’s an ethos I’ve held close as I’ve embarked on my mission to eliminate single-use pens, which led me to developing The Lumos - an elegant and infinitely refillable alternative to the fineliner. 

The Lumos has been a huge hit and I’ve been humbled by the fantastic feedback. 

That’s what inspired me to design this special edition, precision engineered, Lumos Brass.

About the Lumos Brass 

The first step to making a standout pen is choosing the right material. For me, brass was the winner; it gives the pen a satisfying weight in the hand, and an impeccably shiny and smooth feel.  

I drew inspiration from classic British design from cars to old transistor radios; their heritage and intangible soulful quality influenced the design and the smallest of details. Such as the beautiful finely knurled cap as well as the way in which the pen effortlessly closes with just the right amount of feedback in the hand. 

Meeting these exacting standards requires the ultimate in manufacturing tools and processes. Luckily there’s an expert team based just 20 minutes from my Studio, who use precision lathes that are no stranger to making the finest parts such as watch mechanisms and aerospace components. 

Whether you’re looking for a tool to mirror the beauty of your creative practice, elevate your everyday work, or as a gift for an extra special occasion, I hope you find your perfect pen in the Lumos Brass. 

There are a limited number of this Brass Lumos pen available.

Lumos Mini Brass 

  • The Lumos Mini comes with 9 artists tips and 2 writing tips
  • The Mini weighs 34g, is 95mm in length and is also 10mm in diameter
  • Includes a reusable cotton core reservoir. Spares available here: Lumos reservoirs. 

Lumos Single and Duo Brass: 

  • Come with a complete set of 11 tips: Fineliner: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0 Writing Tips: 0.3, 0.5 Felt-Tip: Chisel, Bullet & Brush
  • If you have a favourite thickness or need some replacements, you can purchase your preferred nib size or type in packs of 3 here: Lumos tips.
  • The Lumos Brass Duo and Single weigh 64g, 160mm in length and are 10mm in diameter. 
  • Includes reusable cotton core reservoir (1 x long for the Single, 2 x short for the Duo). Spares available here: Lumos reservoirs. 


  • A sample bottle of Tom's Studio - Deep Black Ink is included. More colours are available here: Fountain pen ink, as well as waterproof pigment inks.
  • The Lumos is not compatible with calligraphy inks 

Materials & Care Instructions

  • Brass is a solid and dense material with a satisfying weight, if you'd like a lighter writing or drawing experience please try the original Lumos.
  • Brass naturally patinas, giving your pen a unique look. You can restore it to its gleaming best with a quick polish.

Engraving your lumos

  • You can now personalise your Lumos with up text to 21 character and we will engrave it in the studio before we pop it in the post.
  • Select 'Yes please' on the product options and enter your text, you can see it previewed on the product image.
  • There are 4 fonts to choose from
  • Please check your engraving carefully before you order, once a pen has been personalised we cannot accept it as a return.
  • We need an extra day to engrave your pen, but we will do what we can to get it out as soon as possible once you order.
A beautiful & infinitely refillable fineliner, writing & brush pen including 9 professional artist's tips and 2 writing tips.

Fineliner: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0 

Felt-Tip: Chisel, Bullet & Brush

Writing: 0.3, 0.5


Too many pens and their refills are disposable by design. Similar to printer ink cartridges, pen companies want you to buy into their format so that they can keep selling you replacement pens or refills over and over again.  It's good for their business, but it's bad for the planet and stifles creativity.

"It is brilliant: Beautiful, the perfect weight, a range of nibs, satiny ink. The drawing (almost) does its self."
David Downton - (one of the world’s leading fashion artists)

As a product designer and craftsman who loves using a variety of pens to create illustrations and designs, I had this very problem! Pens would sit in my drawer for years, either patiently waiting for that very specific refill, or I was just loathed to dispose of an otherwise fully functional pen that had run out of ink.

Having designed and handmade calligraphy and fountain pens for creative folks across the world full time for over 6 years, I decided it was time to apply my knowledge to the pen I used most of all and one of the biggest culprits when it came its disposable nature: the fineliner.

Full FAQs can be found here

What ink can I use?

- All nibs will work with all but the most experimental fountain pen inks (think shimmer + iridescent). I've tried a LOT and I'm yet to find one that doesn't work well. I'd encourage you to experiment and find the inks that work best for you!

Pigment Ink for fountain pens can be found here.

Calligraphy Ink has an acrylic binder which will block the Pen

What are the differences between the Duo and the Single Lumos?

The Duo Lumos allows you to have two different pens in one body, allowing you to easily change between nibs and ink colours on either side.

The Single Lumos has one tip and one ink reservoir which is double the Duo's reservoir size.

Please note that there is a 1-3 day processing time for all orders, with an extra day if any part of your order needs to be engraved. Shipping times are calculated from dispatch. You'll receive an email to confirm when your order is on the way.

If you would like to return or exchange an item from your order you have 30 days from the date of delivery to notify us and return your item(s). Please note that engraved items cannot be returned unless faulty.

You can see more information about shipping timelines here.

compatible with 11 amazing interchangeable tips

no more disposable pens!

waterproof pigment ink compatible

refill with any fountain pen ink colour

British Craft at its Finest

Crafted a mere 20 minutes from the Studio, the Lumos - brass edition is the embodiment of British craft and design. Its immense durability, refillability, and a choice of 11 tips set you up for a lifetime of creativity. I hope you love using yours as much as I enjoyed designing it!

Reduce, Reuse, Refill

It's always seemed crazy to me to have to dispose of an otherwise amazing pen, just because it has run out of ink!  With it's interchangeable ink reservoir the Lumos allows you to easily refill with your ink colour of choice.  You'll also never have to buy another pen again! No more refills, No more waste

Tip, Top, Tips

Japan is where the best technical pens are made.  I was never going to be able to design anything that came close to the precision and decades of perfectionism of a Japanese-made nib.  So I designed the Lumos around them, with 11 sizes and types you are sure to find the ones to perfectly suit your style. 

Make it Yours

A pen is an extension of your hand, and your hand an instrument of your wit and imagination. Curate your creativity by customising your Lumos - choose your favourite nib size and style, or go a step further and engrave it, making it truly yours.


Lumos - Duo

Use any ink colour or combination of the 9 tip styles

Power Couple

As a designer, I am always reaching for at least two pens to highlight or add details in different styles to my work.  Different pen styles offer different functions, whether that's accentuating detail in a drawing, changing between line weights, or just doodling for the fun of it I wanted to create a pen that you could use for a variety of tasks and that you could truly customise to the way you work.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews

I purchased the Lumos Brass with engraving and a few accessories for my husband’s upcoming birthday. The package arrived fast! It was also wonderful to get a note plus a couple of teabags from the company. I love what I see so far, especially from the sustainability aspect, and I can’t wait for my husband to put the pen together and get a feel for how it writes.


Excellent stuff, brilliant company with terrific customer service.

Robert L.
Great pen

Really liked this pen though it can be a bit top heavy for writing, I keep it as a fine liner on my desk in the brass holder and it’s fine there.

One option I would like to see for all the Lumos pens is an rounded end piece to screw in the back end of the pen to allow for easy insertion into a pen loop moneyed on a notebook such as the Leuchturm A5 journals.

Lovely pen.

i absolutely adore the concept of these pens and it took me some time looking, after buying my first which to get next. I decided brass as i have always wanted a brass pen. i wasn't disappointed it is extremely well made and looks a beauty fitted into the holder of my diary. It was a little smaller than i expected, but works fine for me, but if you have a large hand i can see it being a bit difficult to hold. i cannot fault it on any way and i absolutely love the fact you get ink, chargers and nibs to choose from. i have learnt that i like the felt tip more than the writers, which surprised me and i have a ton of ink so it will make it so easy for me to change to what i need. Personally i would not buy the small one again and i do t much care for the smell of the brass, so it will be a straight choice between the single tip and the duo ... now what colour??? In the meantime i am hoping i win one off Tom's website and take the guesswork out for me.

brass excellence

this brass Lumos has been amazing! the nice weight, premium feel along with the excellent Japanese tips all work together effortlessly to strike inspiration. the design, craft and elegance really makes it a delight to use and don’t see myself using any other pen. from the box to the perfect seem of screwing on the cap — it’s a dream!