Pen Care & Repairs

Caring for your Pen

With a bit of TLC your pen should last a very, very long time.

Over time uncoated metals age naturally, developing a richer, darker tone. You can choose to embrace this patina or to return it to its gleaming best  by using a polishing cloth with a splash of water and dish soap or a gentle, polishing compound. Newly polished metal can be waxed with renaissance wax to protect the surface and avoid further tarnish.

To clean marble, resin or wooden pens (such as those from our Special Edition collection) just a splash mild dish soap on a cloth will remove any dirt. You can then protect it further using renaissance wax.


We offer a complimentary repair service for all non-consumable parts (so this excludes nibs, tips and reservoirs which are designed to be replaced) should your pen need a little extra attention. Please contact and we will be happy to help.