Calligraphy nib guide

Whether you're a seasoned calligrapher or just starting out, this guide will provide you with essential information about each nib, helping you make an informed choice that suits your calligraphic style and preferences. Tom's Studio offers a wide range of high-quality nibs designed for various calligraphy techniques. Here is a quick guide for each of the nibs in the Studio...

NIkko G

The Nikko G nib is a highly versatile and durable tool that has gained immense popularity among calligraphers. It boasts a medium flex, making it easy to control while still offering enough responsiveness to produce expressive strokes. Crafted with precision, the Nikko G nib delivers consistent lines and is suitable for various calligraphy styles. Its moderately sharp point provides excellent ink flow, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted writing. Beginners and intermediate calligraphers often gravitate towards the Nikko G nib due to its forgiving nature and ability to handle different inks with ease.

Tachikawa G

One of the three manga nibs used in the Studio. The Tachikawa G flows smoothly, flexes easily and holds a little more ink than the Nikko G or the Zebra G. Produces very thin upstrokes, an excellent drawing nib.

Zebra g

A firm favourite here in the Studio. Crafted for smooth and consistent performance, this nib boasts a fine point that allows for intricate detail work and controlled letterforms. With its firm flex, the Zebra G offers a delightful balance of resistance and responsiveness, lending your strokes a touch of precision. Whether you're delving into Copperplate, Spencerian, or modern calligraphy styles, this versatile nib effortlessly delivers clean lines and beautiful curves. Available in titanium or chrome.

Leonardt Steno 40 (Blue Pumpkin)

The Leonardt Steno 40 or 'Blue Pumpkin', as it is sometimes known, is a very flexible nib, great for expressive downstrokes. Compared to the Nikko g you need much less pressure to get a thick and expressive swell, but consequently it's a little harder to achieve a very thin line on the upstroke. An excellent choice for big fonts that come to life with a big swells.

Gillott 303

The Gillott 303 is a flexible, sharply pointed nib which produces fine, elegant hairlines. Commonly used for Copperplate, but also great for Modern Calligraphy styles. With its fine flexibility, the Gillott 303 nib allows calligraphers to create intricate letterforms with impeccable control.

Gillott 404

A great intermediate nib which features a sharp point that effortlessly glides across the page, allowing for intricate detailing and delicate strokes. With its moderate flexibility, the Gillott 404 enables graceful transitions from hairline thin to bold swells, making it perfect for Copperplate, Spencerian, and other pointed pen scripts.

Leonardt EF Principal

The Leonardt EF Principal is a very flexible nib, great for expressive downstrokes. It's extra fine tip allows for high precision and it is loved by intermediate and advanced calligraphers.

Leonardt Index

The Leonardt Index nib is a medium flexible nib, suitable for modern and copperplate calligraphy styles. Not only is it a gem of a nib, the iconic pointed finger shape adds a lot of character to any nib collection!

Brause EF66

The Brause EF66 is a very flexible nib, perfect for pointed pen calligraphy. Although it offers a very smooth writing experience, it is not a beginners nib so we would recommend starting out with a Nikko G and progressing to the EF66.