Christmas Gift Tag Guide, with Free Downloadable!

Christmas Gift Tag Guide, with Free Downloadable!

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Hi, Gemma here! I'm the other half of Tom's Studio, and prior to working with my husband Tom I ran my own calligraphy business. 

Today I wanted to share with you one of my favourite Christmas activities to make my gifts feel extra special.  

Crafting personalised gift tags is a passion of mine. They're the final touch that transforms a present, complementing meticulously chosen wrapping and ribbons. However, time is often my enemy. To address this, I've created these downloadable gift tag templates. They're not just time-savers; they'll truly elevate your gift-giving experience!

To simplify the process and ensure consistency, I've provided outlines for easy tracing. All you need is your preferred pen - be it a dip pen, Lumos, fountain pen, or fineliner - to trace over the design, together with your ink of choice.

Let's dive in! Stick your favourite holiday tunes on the speaker, pour yourself a festive drink, and let the creativity flow.

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Materials Needed:

Start by downloading the free holiday gift tag printable here.

Gather these tools, alongside your chosen pen and ink:

  • Your preferred card-stock, ensuring it's printer-friendly (like textured watercolour paper)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A hole punch
  • Twine, ribbon, or string


Adjust your printer to A4 or 'Letter' size (for US users) and print the template at 100%. Then, the fun begins with your choice of pen. I personally reach for my Flourish or Bloom calligraphy pen, but the Lumos paired with a fineliner or handwriting nib would be perfect too. The inks I've used - Silver, Gold, English Rose, and Forest - are from the Christmas Sparkle calligraphy ink gift set. If using Lumos, pair it with fountain pen ink.

Once inked and dried, carefully cut out the tags and punch a hole at the top. Thread with ribbon or twine for a charming finish.

Voila! Hand-drawn gift tags that'll infuse your presents with a personal touch, created in no time.

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