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Notebooks Vs Tech - What do you think?

Technology is pretty great isn't it! I for one wouldn't know you lovely lot and certainly wouldn't have a business without it!  However, I sometimes think that designers of 'tech' think that all our problems can be solved by using their products.  Sadly, I'm not sure this is the case...
I recently saw an advert for an iPad style drawing and note-taking device, that was extremely nifty, you could handwrite on it and it would save your notes whilst also converting it to text. It was advertised as being 'the only tablet that feels like paper' for £275....
I mean, I'm biased but imagine all of the notebooks and inky goodness you could buy for the same price that actually IS paper.  There's also something special about holding a notebook from the past and looking through your notes, thoughts and drawings.  Ideas just seem to flow onto paper as opposed to a screen, plus there's never the worry that just as you have your best thought, the battery dies.
What do you think?
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