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From The Studio. 16 -Your monthly creative inspiration

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Sault - A great British music collective with an expansive repertoire of genres.
The Song Wildfires in particular is such a treat when buried amongst a Spotify playlist. As all the best tunes do it has the power to inspire and create the perfect atmosphere for creative work. Personally, it never ceases to bring out some wince-inducing falsetto from yours truly. Best enjoyed alone would be my wife's recommendation :)

The Lumos Vs. The Rotring Isograph

It's the young hotshot against the seasoned veteran.  How do these two refillable heavyweights compare? This fineliner/technical pen comparison is a question I get asked a lot, so I decided to put together a short video here.  If you have a Lumos and experience with an Isograph I'd love to hear your (slightly less biased) thoughts too :)

Creator of the month

As a kid who was pretty obsessed with magic eye paintings, this is the perfect marriage of mesmeric mind-bending image creation and sculpture.

Mesmerising image shifting sculpture

Film of the Month

 Fire Of Love is an awe-inspiring documentary about a life-long romance between two volcanologists who dedicated their lives to their fascination, bordering on obsession with Volcanoes. The film features eye-popping footage primarily shot by the two scientists of volcanoes doing what they do best. Without giving too much away, a stand-out moment involves a rubber dinghy and a lake containing 100% sulphuric acid. You can find it on Disney+
Fire of Love - A beautiful celebration of the lives of two volcanologists

Book of the month

Shoe Dog - this is the story of Nike's founder Phil Knight and his dogged determination at bringing the company into existence is truly remarkable.  Some of the business decisions he makes when he has everything on the line on multiple occasions are quite stomach churning.  Truly awe inspiring and a great book for small and big businesses as well as folks who'd like a smattering of inspiration on their reading list. 

 nike cortez show dog

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