Artist Feature - Sue Rahel

Artist Feature - Sue Rahel

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Sue Rahel is an Italian-German Illustrator. Her paintings are both nostalgic and dreamy, and just perfectly beautiful! We are very honoured to introduce her as this month’s Artist Takeover. So grab a cuppa and enjoy!



Please can you give me an introduction about who you are and what you do?

My name is Sue Rahel (yes, both are my first names, but you can just call me "Sue" ), and I'm simply someone who loves to paint. Through my paintings, I capture memories, emotions, or ideas. I am self-taught and have always enjoyed learning through trial and error. I share my creative journey, discoveries, as well as my artistic experiments here on Instagram with a wonderful community. As a mother of three children, my paintings often reflect my everyday life.

When did you start drawing?

I have always had a passion for painting, ever since I was a child. Over time, my teachers in school noticed that the more I engaged in painting, the more attentive I became in class. I always carried a sketchbook and a pen with me, no matter where I went, and painting accompanied me through both joyous and challenging times in life.


What appeals to you most about what you do?

I think it's the process itself that most appeals to me. In the process, new ideas, insights, and worlds often emerge. Every time, I grow a little more beyond myself.

If you had to start again, what advice would you give yourself?

If I were to start over, I would likely encourage myself to do exactly what I did: follow my own path. Not because I always made the right choices, but because each step contributed to my artistic growth. However, the advice I would consistently give myself during the tougher phases is: don't compare yourself to others.

What are the best resources you’ve found online or elsewhere that helped you get started?

My greatest inspirations come from my family and my garden—everyday life and the world around me shape my experiences and my art.

Children's books and classical art (especially the Impressionists) have always been foundational influences that nurtured my passion. At the age of 13—an age when one typically moves away from children's books —I began my own collection of children's books, which I continue to expand to this day. 

Before I joined Instagram, I honestly had little knowledge about art materials. I painted with whatever I had on hand. Through interactions here on Instagram and with fellow artists, I've had the opportunity to learn much more about materials and to experiment. For me, the chance to discover new materials has unlocked realms of creativity that I didn't even know existed.

Who are the artists/individuals that inspire you most and where can we find them?

Here are a few children's book illustrators whom I admire: Kevin Henkes, Björn Berg, Beatrix Potter, Jim Field, Chris Chatterton, Steve Small, Eunyoung Seo.

And then there's this incredibly valuable, inspiring exchange with other artists, such as @konfettirausch, @schmoedraws, and many more.

See more of Sue Rahel's work here.


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