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Beauty is in the eye of the pen holder

Choose between 7 glorious nibs. There are two categories, my bespoke fountain pen nibs (with their creativity-inducing engraving) and the Pro-Flex calligraphy nib. 
Please read my FAQs to help you make the best choice when choosing your nib.

Fountain Pen Nibs:

Made exclusively for our fountain pens, all of my nibs are tipped with incredibly hard-wearing iridium for super smooth writing, and are plated in a 14k gold for a classically stunning look. As a bonus all nibs can be interchanged so you can easily write in different styles whenever it suits you.

  • Extra Fine Semi-Flex - A beautiful extra fine fountain pen nib with flex! This is a great middle-ground between the Pro Flex and our classic fountain pen nib, with its smooth writing experience and minimal maintenance. By applying a little pressure the nib will flex from 0.5mm to 1.5mm.

  • Fine - A springy and smooth nib perfect for delicate thin strokes, with a smidge of flex if you're feeling creative.

  • Medium - The go-to nib for the author, journaller or note-taker. This is a firm and consistent nib for everyday writing.

  • Architect Fountain Pen Nib - This is the opposite of the Italic nib, with a broad cross stroke and a thin down stroke. It's my personal favourite - the effortless big juicy lines make it my go-to for sketching and everyday use. It's a BB (double broad), which means it has nice line variation and strokes around 1.2mm at it's thickest (horizontal) and 0.3mm on the downstroke. You can also use the nib upside down for a super fine hairline stroke.

  • Cursive Italic Fountain Pen Nib -  is a specialized nib that is designed to produce line variations in handwriting. It is a type of italic nib that has a smooth, rounded tip that is slightly flattened on the sides. This flattening creates two distinct writing surfaces: a broader downstroke (1mm(+-0.1)) and a thinner horizontal stroke (hairline - 0.2 mm).

The term "cursive" refers to the flowing nature of the script that is produced by this type of nib. The BB designation stands for "double broad," indicating that the nib produces a broad line that is twice as wide as a standard broad nib.

With practice the cursive italic nib can produce stunning handwriting that is both distinctive and elegant.

  • Titanium - This beauty is the ultimate flex as it's a lot softer than stainless steel nibs. It's perfectly paired with our fountain pens to practice calligraphy when you just want to get cracking without having to prep all your nibs and ink or you're out and about.  Titanium is also bombproof so it will carry on writing for decades to come.  It's the best flex nib with the least maintenance.
Pro-Flex - Extra Inky
  • I've designed the prototype Pro-Flex with an innovative leaf spring which moves with the nib.  It's a 3D printed white feed (which by happy accident changes colour depending on the ink used in the pen).  It's early days but we've had rave reviews from customers and calligraphers alike and it seems to be performing as well as the original Pro-Flex for consistent ink flow when fully flexed. All feedback welcome to further improve the design! Please note this uses a specialist calligraphy nib which will need replacing (buy replacements here) read more about this special nib here:

Extra Fine Semi-Flex - Extra Inky

I've applied the same 3D printed white feed design (which by happy accident changes colour depending on the ink used in the pen) to the Semi-Flex nib for improved ink flow.  Because this is fitted with a flexible fountain pen nib, this option is for the casual calligrapher who likes the flexible fun this nib provides without the faff of changing a professional calligraphy nib when it corrodes.  

Standard Shipping Costs:

UK: £4.95

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USA: from $10.50 (charged in local currency)

Rest of the world:

We Ship Internationally. We take care of VAT and customs duty for EU customers. Your order will be shipped within 48 hours when in stock, please refer to lead times of the product you are buying, as some handmade / hand dipped products may take longer until we send them. Delivery is calculated from dispatch. All UK orders are shipped using Royal Mail Tracked 48. If you need your order by a specific date there is a next-day Special Delivery option.


If your order contains a pre-order item, your whole order will be shipped together in order to minimise our carbon footprint. So please refer to pre-order delivery times in this instance. Alternatively, you can ask us to split the order. In this case additional delivery costs will apply. Please contact for further information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

The design, feel and craft are are superbly executed. Thoughtful service punctuates attention to detail with care.

Shaun K.
Lovely Italic Nib

A beautiful, smooth writing experience, the best quality nib I can find that isn't 14k gold. Awesome stuff!

Fantastic replacement nib.

I needed a better nib for my Nahvalur Nautilus pen and I hadn't found anything suitable - then I saw these nibs - went for the semi flex and what a great nib it is! I will be ordering another one (cursive italic) as they are superior to anything under 50 quid elsewhere! Smooth and juicy.

Roderick K.
Smooth and wet

Ordered an italic, fine and titanium nibs for my pocket pen, all a pleasure to write with. Fast service.

Fantastic Architect Nib

Bought the architect BB nib to use in Majohn M800 pen which originally had a Bock 250 fine nib. Nib housing fit the pen perfectly. Ink flow is quite generous. Extremely smooth writer. Fairly stiff nib with limited flex on downstroke, but that is not something you want in an architect nib anyway. Perfect proportion of vertical to horizontal stroke, with about 2 or 3 times horizontal width to vertical stroke width, depending on angle of pen on horizontal stroke. Nib is better suited to a drier ink. Very good communication and prompt shipping. Thank you Tom's Studio for a smooth transaction and a very nice product. Highly recommend this nib. Very attractive labeling on nib!