Lumos Brass: Special Edition

Mirror the beauty of your creative practice with the Lumos Brass.

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A special edition, precision engineered, Lumos in Brass. I’ve always believed that the tools we use should bring us joy and reflect the quality of the work we create. It’s why I made the very first calligraphy pen for my wife Gemma all those years ago!

It’s an ethos I’ve held close as I’ve embarked on my mission to eliminate single-use pens, which led me to developing The Lumos - an elegant and infinitely refillable alternative to the fineliner. The Lumos has been a huge hit and I’ve been humbled by the fantastic feedback. That’s what inspired me to design this special edition, precision engineered, Lumos Brass.

About the Lumos Brass

The first step to making a standout pen is choosing the right material. For me, brass was the winner; it gives the pen a satisfying weight in the hand, and an impeccably shiny and smooth feel.

I drew inspiration from classic British design from cars to old transistor radios; their heritage and intangible soulful quality influenced the design and the smallest of details. Such as the beautiful finely knurled cap as well as the way in which the pen effortlessly closes with just the right amount of feedback in the hand. 

Meeting these exacting standards requires the ultimate in manufacturing tools and processes. Luckily there’s an expert team based just 20 minutes from my Studio, who use precision lathes that are no stranger to making the finest parts such as watch mechanisms and aerospace components.

Whether you’re looking for a tool to mirror the beauty of your creative practice, elevate your everyday work, or as a gift for an extra special occasion, I hope you find your perfect pen in the Lumos Brass.

      Included in the box:

      • The Lumos Pro Single/ Duo or Mini
      • The Lumos Full Creative Tip Set
      • 3ml Deep Black Ink sample
      • Ink Reservoir (Lumos Pro Single x1, Lumos Pro Duo x2, Lumos Mini x1)


      Lumos Pro Single/Duo

      • Length capped – 155mm
      • Length uncapped – 145mm
      • Pen barrel diameter – 10mm
      • Weight – 145g

      Lumos Mini

      • Length capped – 85mm
      • Length uncapped – 75mm
      • Pen barrel diameter – 10mm
      • Weight – 110g

      The Lumos Full Creative Tip set contains 11 tips:

      • Fineliner: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0
      • Felt-Tip: Chisel, bullet & brush
      • Writing: 0.3, 0.5

      Full FAQs and a video guide to getting started with your Lumos can be found here.

      What ink can I use?

      The Lumos is compatible with all but the most experimental fountain pen inks (think shimmer + iridescent). We offer a beautiful range of pigment ink for fountain pens, which are perfect for the Lumos and can be found here.

      Note: Calligraphy Ink has an acrylic binder which will block the pen and is not suitable for use with The Lumos.

      What are the differences between the Duo and the Single Lumos?

      The Single Lumos has one tip and one ink reservoir, which is double the Duo's reservoir size.
      The Duo Lumos allows you to have two different pens in one body, allowing you to easily change between nibs and ink colours on either side.

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      Also available in mini

      Customer Reviews

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      Such a great and unique pen! Loving it and enjoying how easy it is to refill or swap out ink cartridges.


      Amazing product


      Absolutely stunning. And the engraving is perfect. Present for my wife for our 30th. She loves it. The brass finish is beautiful. Thank you.


      I love this pen! The pen tips are perfect for writing and sketching in my Moleskin journals. I have already placed an order for more ink colors.

      William B.

      Lumos Brass: Special Edition