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No More Calligrapher's Claw!


Having had a lot of enquiries about making a carrot from customers I finally decided it was time to put my head down and design the best version I could. Introducing, the new 'Carrot', designed for those who like a compact pen holder and a lovely curved body for improved grip and stability.  It takes all the best features from my much loved curved Flourish and sprinkles in some new elements:

  • Firstly, the weight, it will surprise you (in a good way :) ).  Once you put pen to paper you'll notice how the weight increases stability and your nib, int turn, will glide across the page.  

  • This reassuring weight paired with the body shape of the carrot will mean you barely have to hold the pen when you write (it will do a lot of the work for you) helping you to avoid the dreaded 'calligrapher claw' and improve your technique in the long run.

The oblique pen is also fitted with my unique universal flange design which holds almost every kind of nib (big and small) and allows you to adjust the angle of the nib, further increasing the 'glide factor' of your writing.

Once you have the pen in your hand I am confident that you'll appreciate the true quality and craftsmanship that has gone into each design decision.  Made from precision machined aluminium and brass, it's my hope that it will be something your grandchildren will happily be using in years to come. 

I'm really proud of the Carrot and hope that you truly experience the joy of writing with this lovely little pen.

What is a Flourish pen you may ask? Read on if you like the details...

You can now park the pliers and say sayonara to screws. Instead all you need to do is twist the beautifully machined brass nut to the width of your nib and you'll be flourishing in a flash.

My unique design fits nibs as large as a Nikko G, all the way down to smaller nibs like the Brause 66EF, as well as our 3.5mm pencil lead, so you can draft your creations before committing to ink. The Flourish is designed with ultimate comfort and reliability in mind. It's a refined writing instrument built to last a lifetime.




As no two calligraphers are the same, I designed the pen so that you can easily customise the angle of the nib to suit your calligraphy style. I’ve also refined the balance of the pen so that the centre of gravity sits between your forefinger and your thumb joint, making it feel neither top nor bottom heavy. 




Good to know & FAQs:

  • Both the oblique pens are perfect for left or right handed calligraphers. The brass flange of the oblique version can be easily flipped around, enabling the pen to be used by both left- and right-handers.
  • Every pen is machined from solid metals on a lathe used for making fine watch and aerospace grade components, so you can be sure your pen will write perfectly for years and years to come.

  • Measures 125mm x 10mm-20mm (at the grip section) and weighs 36g.

  • Designed with the planet in mind. I’ve made sure that this pen is made from infinitely recyclable materials, such as brass and aluminium, which are easily separated (no glue or un-recyclable plastics here).

  • Comes in a beautifully crafted gift box.

  • Nibs are sold separately and you can find them here

  • Pencil Leads are sold separately and you can find them here.
  • I have a superb range of inks to compliment your pen and you can find them here
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  • We offer a complimentary repair service, so should your Flourish pen need a little TLC please contact us .


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 51 reviews

      Carrot - Calligraphy Pen

      Alan B.
      Beautiful present

      A birthday gift that is lovely to look at and feels good in my hand.

      Lisa h.
      The mighty small carrot

      For some reason I expected it to be bigger, reminds me of those tiny posh carrots. Took me a few days to get the knack of tightening to keep nibs in and now I’m in love.
      Small enough for calligraphy in the wild with the box being a handy pen/nibs/ink container :)

      Karla J.
      Carrot Calligraphy pen and the One Dip Wonder

      I've wanted a carrot for so long and my assumptions were right....I love it! It feels wonderful in my hand and being able to adjust the! Has made the process so much more joyful! THEN .....the One Dip Wonder....icing on the cake! I usually use the Pilot Parallel pens because of the constant dipping fiasco, but now we have a game changer! Geez....why did this take so long???? 🤣
      I absolutely love them both.....THANK YOU SO MUCH!
      I have my eye on some replacement leads and calligraphy inks......will be making future purchases I'm sure!


      I just love it!! I already have the Old Rose but wanted badly this Midnight color. They are comfortable and easy to write with.