One-Dip-Nib - A Very Versatile Nib

One-Dip-Nib - A Very Versatile Nib

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Colour Sterling Steel
Option Nib + Pen

Wow, the first batch of my One Dip Nibs sold out within 12 hours! The response has been amazing. I’m so grateful and excited to see what gets created with them. I’m busy working on the next batch, which is now available for pre-order. Shipping week commencing 22nd July.

The One-Dip-Nib is the result of over a year's work, aimed at creating the most fun, versatile & satisfying nib for your artwork.



What does it do?

Thanks for asking! First and foremost, it's an illustrator's or calligrapher's delight, allowing you to adjust the nib to create a variety of stunning line variations. Simply twist the thumb screw to produce a broader or finer line, or adjust the angle of the nib to the page to achieve the juiciest thick strokes. Playing with the One-Dip-Nib to create a variety of styles & novel techniques becomes completely addictive.


Why do you call it the One-Dip-Nib?

Well, this is where things get interesting. I've become a bit of a capillary action geek over the years, and it turns out that with some clever engineering, it's possible to create an enormous ink capacity within the nib itself. Inside, you'll find a cavity with a reservoir that stores ink, allowing you to doodle an entire side of A5 paper without needing to dip!


Sounds interesting! Anything else you can tell me?


The Brass and Steel have unique benefits.

The stainless steel nib is more precise and can achieve a finer line, and because it's more durable will hold its tip point for a very long time. Brass is a softer material and so feels smoother on the page and has a larger variation between thin line widths and thick when adjusting using the thumb screw.


Use any ink!

This is exciting, to say the least. Waterproof pigment, shimmer, iridescent, watercolours, acrylic, Indian... The list goes on. The One-Dip-Nib can be cleaned in a jiffy with no risk of clogging.


A Better Choice for the Planet

I believe in building longevity & versatility into all of my designs. So, instead of buying multiple disposable fineliners with different tip sizes, you can use Indian ink & adjust the line width instead!


Use it like a brush!

Never before has a nib been able to double as an artist's brush, until now! By varying the angle to the page, the nib can create thick, juicy strokes or extremely precise lines without needing to switch between brushes & nibs.

Bundle + save
Pair with the Original Flourish - Straight Calligraphy Pen. A simple, elegant calligraphy pen perfect if you're just getting started.

Which pens are compatible?
Straight calligraphy pens only – simply slot into the top of a pen. It can't be used with oblique pens at the moment.

How do I dip it into ink?
Dip the nib until just before the ink level reaches the thumb screw (not beyond it). We recommend holding it in the ink for around 10-15 seconds to allow the ink to saturate the reservoir nicely.

Why is it scratchy?
This nib has been hand-finished to remove as much scratchiness as possible. We've found some people love the super fine 'bite' into the page, so we've sanded them to maintain this. If you’d like to change how it feels on the page, you can, of course, use the included sandpaper to make it even smoother too.

We aim to process your order within 1-3 working days. Please note that this increases to 1-4 working days for orders that include any personalisation, such as engraving.

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Customer Reviews

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Very Interesting!

I've been wanting to try a Kakimori-style nib and when I saw that Tom had debuted one I jumped on it -- I already own a Lumos Mini and I'm fond of it. The package arrived within a week when I wasn't expecting it to get shipped until the end of July! I'm very intrigued by the nib so far. I'm still a newbie with this kind of thing so I've been playing around with it, as suggested, and I'm starting to get the hang of it. The ink capacity is as advertised (if you follow instructions and submerge the tip for a bit)! And it IS very scratchy, which I don't like, so I've been gingerly working on it with the provided piece of sandpaper. Overall I'm super pleased and am looking forward to working on an ink swatch book with this nib.

One-Dip-Nib test

Thanks for another great drawing tool. Still learning how to use it. So far I find it amazing on how much you can draw with just one dip.