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The best mechanical pencils often combine materials to create the perfect balance in the hand, and mine is no exception.

Colour Black
Lead Size 0.5mm

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Joyful Drawing, Timeless Design 

I’ve always loved using a mechanical pencil. I remember my Dad giving me a Pentel when I was a teenager and I was instantly hooked on using it for sketching as well as drawing, the feel of graphite on paper and the forgiving nature of the erasablility and soft grey tone. Not to mention the satisfying click of the mechanism itself. 

I think this may be why it’s taken me so long to design one myself, it had to live up to my own high expectations of what makes a great mechanical pencil!

First and foremost, it had to feel amazing to use.  So I started by designing the form.  I wanted it to be sleek and unfussy, with simple details that make all the difference.  The best mechanical pencils often combine materials to create the perfect balance in the hand, and mine is no exception.  The grip area is solid brass which offers a smooth yet tactile feeling when holding the pen as well as bringing the balance towards the front which makes for precise control and feedback from the page.

The main body of the pen is aluminium which takes away any excess weight that would result from the whole pen being brass.  This also means that you can choose between 5 beautiful shades to make your pen feel truly yours.

The mechanism is as reliable as they come.  It has a solid aluminium plunger that locates into a German made Schmidt DSM with a large capacity for lead and an all important and extremely satisfying *click*

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      My Mechanical Pencil Design Brief:

      1. It must be made from beautiful longlasting materials

      2. It must be a joy to use, both functionally and as the pen you want to reach for

      3. It must be unfussy, simple and timeless.

      4. Parts must be recyclable and easily replaceable

      5. It must, I repeat MUST have a satisfying *CLICK!*

      Precisely made, precisely used

      The pen is made using a Swiss, sliding head lathe.  This makes parts with incredible intricacy and precision (like watch parts).  This means that your Mechanical pencil is precise to 0.02 of a millimeter. When you care about the quality of your work, it matters to have a tool that is made with the same attention to detail.

      Weight & Balance.

      I personally don't enjoy the experience of writing with a super lightweight pen, they can feel flimsy and lack substance. In contrast, when the weight is just right, the line quality and feedback you get from the paper is exceptional. To achieve this, it's incredibly important that balance is perfect, I find the sweet spot is ever so slightly more weighted towards the tip. This makes the pen feel as though it's as eager to draw or write as you are!

      Draw the Line

      Mechanical pencils are a brilliant solution to disposable pens, all you need to do is replace the leads and you can reuse your pen for decades to come.  The only point of failure might be the click, which is why my pencil uses tried and tested German made Schmidt mechanisms for a satisfying click everytime

      It's all about the *Click*

      "Is there anything more satisfying than sitting down and emersing yourself in something creative?

      I designed the Mechanical Pencil to be your creative sidekick of sorts"

      Tom Gyr - Designer

      great things come in small packages

      Your Mechanical pencil comes tucked into it's very own pen box made from FSC paper.

      Form meets Function

      I look at design as having the fewest and simplest parts while maximizing function. The mechanical pencil exemplifies this principle, crafted with minimal components. Similar to a delectable pasta dish created with the finest ingredients, when these components are skillfully combined, they create a remarkable experience.

      Built to Behold

      When you buy a Tom's Studio product, you can expect it to be made from the most durable materials that have been finished to perfection. The devil is often in the detail, like the satin like #150 grade bead blasting along the aluminium body, the very specific Pantone colour matching or the special coating that protects the brass on the grip. 

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      This is my second mechanical pencil from Tom's Studio - this time it's the 7mm size lead. Love them soooo much!


      Amazing and beautiful design!


      Beautiful pencil. Makes me want to write more!


      A thing of great beauty ! Delicious to write with.


      Beautifully made and balanced. Great customer service. Beautiful packaging and fast delivery ❤️