Mechanical Pencil – How To

A brief guide to get you started with your new pencil.

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Mechanical Pencil FAQs

The main body of the pencil is aluminium, which reduces any excess weight that would result from the entire pencil being brass. The mechanism is as reliable as they come. It has a solid aluminium plunger that locates into a German-made Schmidt DSM with a large capacity for lead and an all-important and extremely satisfying click.

The pencil weighs 25g and measures 140mm x 10mm (at its widest).

The body of the pencil is designed to last forever, just like all our other products. Regarding the lead, this depends on the pressure you apply when you’re working. The harder you press the pencil on the paper, the faster the lead will be used up. The great thing is that you can easily get a lead refill and continue using your pencil forever.

Simply open the pencil by unscrewing it at the brass and body junction, pull out the inner mechanism, and gently replace your lead. You can get refills for your mechanical pencil here in 0.5mm or 0.8mm lead and in different colours.