Lumos - Write

A Smooth Refillable Writing Pen. Compatible with 11 interchangeable tips.

Lumos - Write

A Smooth Refillable Writing Pen. Compatible with 11 interchangeable tips.

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Disposable pens aren't the future...

That's why I designed the Lumos - Refillable Writing Pen. This pen is built to last and provide as much utility as possible. Here are some of its features:

  • Infinitely refillable: The Lumos writing pen has a reservoir that can be easily refilled just by dipping it in ink. It works by capillary action, which feeds the pen tip and keeps the ink flowing beautifully.

  • Any ink colour: You're no longer limited to just blue and black. You can refill your pen with any fountain ink colour, including waterproof pigment ink.

  • Smooth tips: The Lumos writing pen comes with an incredible Japanese-made 0.3 writing tip that provides just the right level of feedback on paper. You can write at any angle, and the tip is incredibly durable, so no matter how hard you press on the paper, it will take it. When the tip does eventually wear out, all that needs replacing is this tiny tip. A 0.5 tip is also available if you like a thicker line.

  • Endlessly interchangeable: The Lumos Refillable writing pen doesn't limit you to just one tip type. You can easily swap between another 9 different tip styles, including fineliners (0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0) and felt-tips (2mm chisel, bullet, and brush). You can find the full creative tip set here.


  • The finish is a super grippy and durable matt black anodised finish.

  • The Lumos - Refillable Writing Pen comes with a 0.3 writing tip. You can buy replacement writing or other tips here in packs of 3 here: Lumos tips. 

  • The pen comes with a reusable cotton core reservoir for each nib, spares available here: Lumos reservoirs. The longer version works in this pen.

  • The Lumos Write weighs 20g and is 10mm in diameter.

  • The pen includes a Tom's Studio - Deep Black Ink (not waterproof) 5ml bottle of ink. More colours are available here: Fountain pen ink as well as waterproof pigment inks . Calligraphy Inks are not compatible (find out more in FAQs below).

    Full FAQs can be found here

    What ink can I use?

    - All nibs will work with all but the most experimental fountain pen inks (think shimmer + iridescent). I've tried a LOT and I'm yet to find one that doesn't work well. I'd encourage you to experiment and find the inks that work best for you!

    Pigment Ink for fountain pens can be found here.

    Calligraphy Ink has an acrylic binder which will block the Pen

    What are the differences between the Duo and the Single Lumos?

    The Duo Lumos allows you to have two different pens in one body, allowing you to easily change between nibs and ink colours on either side.

    The Single Lumos has one tip and one ink reservoir which is double the Duo's reservoir size.

    What's the difference between the Lumos and other refillable technical pens? (E.g. Rotring Isograph and Copic Multiliner).

    Please find my explainer here

    Engraving your lumos

    • You can now personalise your Lumos with up text to 21 character and we will engrave it in the studio before we pop it in the post.
    • Select 'Yes please' on the product options and enter your text, you can see it previewed on the product image.
    • There are 4 fonts to choose from
    • Please check your engraving carefully before you order, once a pen has been personalised we cannot accept it as a return.
    • We need an extra day to engrave your pen, but we will do what we can to get it out as soon as possible once you order.

    Buy it with


    compatible with 11 amazing interchangeable tips

    no more disposable pens!

    refill with any fountain pen ink colour

    Things aren't always Black and White.

    Any ink colour anytime.  The Lumos is designed so that you can refill with any fountain pen ink (and even some pigment inks).  So there are no limits to your colour palette when creating your next masterpiece.

    Store your Lumos Ink Reservoirs

    It's really simple to save your filled reservoirs using my handy containers

    You can also very simply wash the ink out of the reservoir, let it dry and refill with any colour.

    Make it Yours

    We all have our favourite nib sizes and styles. Customising your Lumos to be your perfect writing, drawing or doodling companion couldn't be easier!

    Watch the how to:

    Tip, Top, Tips

    Japan is where the best technical pens are made.  I was never going to be able to design anything that came close to the precision and decades of perfectionism of a Japanese-made nib.  So I designed the Lumos around them, with 9 sizes and types you are sure to find the ones to perfectly suit your style. 

    Reduce, Reuse, Refill

    It's always seemed crazy to me to have to dispose of an otherwise amazing pen, just because it has run out of ink!  With it's interchangeable ink reservoir the Lumos allows you to easily refill with your ink colour of choice.  You'll also never have to buy another pen again! No more refills, No more waste

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 47 reviews

    I am enjoying this pen so much! The reservoir is huge. I've only tried it with the original fineliner tip it came with, but look forward to trying others. It has a nice heft to it and a little texture which means it isn't slippy. The only slight weirdness is the back end which feels a little unfinished if the cap isn't on it during writing. But really happy with how it looks, feels, and writes, and excited to keep experimenting.


    Somehow in my excitement of becoming a lumos user I accidentally ordered black instead of Ivy but I’m not mad over it, it will be an excuse to expand my collection of sustainable writing from Tom’s Studio!!!

    Love This, but Wish There Was a Smaller Writing Tip

    The quality of this pen is amazing. It's sturdy, has a nice weight, easy to use, and beautiful to look at. My only issue are the tips. I like to write with a Japanese 0.38, and I thought the 0.3 writing tip would be perfect, but it writes way too thick. It's definitely much thicker than my Pilot Juice Up 0.3 gel ink pen. I was very disappointed and almost gave up finding a refillable pen I liked, until I tried the 0.1 fineliner nib (I also bought the duo tip Lumos Brass which came with all the nibs). That writes much closer to a 0.4 gel ink pen!! I actually bought three replacement nibs already because I don't know how they'll stand up to daily use, haha. I really hope you guys can make a 0.1 writing tip soon!! Wishing you all the best!!!

    Irene D.
    Lumos Write

    Love it. So easy to use and a pleasure to write with.

    Louise S.
    Gift for a friend

    He was really impressed and will be throwing away his biros