Lumos Mini Gift Set

Body Colour Black
Ink Colour Loch Ness
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Sketch, doodle, draw, journal, design - the creative possibilities are endless with this gift! 

My Lumos Mini pen is a small tool for very big ideas. I've paired it with a choice of ink and a blank notebook for the perfect gift for anyone who wants to explore their creativity to the fullest.

Made from solid aluminium, the Lumos Mini has all of the refill-ability and versatility of its big brother in a pocket sized package. It's compatible with up to 11 different Japanese-tips, and can be filled with a wide range of different coloured inks. 

I designed the notebook in collaboration with my friends at Coffeenotes and it's made entirely from recycled coffee cups! Each page has a gorgeous texture and just the right amount of grip, making every line a joy. 

Every set comes with a choice of ink colours, so they're no longer restricted to just blue or black.

Beautifully presented in a gold-foil embossed gift box, it's wrapped and ready to gift too! 

This gift set contains:

  • The Lumos Mini in your choice of colours
  • 0.3mm tip
  • Coffeenotes blank notebook
  • Your choice of 50ml Fountain Pen Ink

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