Bloom - Wisteria Limited Edition

Type Straight

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Let your calligraphy bloom! A beautiful and balanced calligraphy pendesigned to make your work blossom. 6 years of designing and handmaking calligraphy pens have led me to create The Bloom – it's my most versatile, balanced and beautiful calligraphy pen to date.

Blooming clever!
Just like my Flourish pen, the Bloom's unique universal flange makes changing and holding calligraphy nibs, big or small, an absolute breeze. Simply tighten or loosen the screw and pop your nib of choice in until you have a perfectly snug fit.

Probably one of the most important features is the ability to adjust the angle of the nib. As no calligrapher holds their pen in exactly the same way, this feature allows you to achieve the perfect amount of pressure on the page without the dreaded snag!

Beauty is in the eye of the nib holder
With its organic compound curves, the body of the pen is as beautiful as it is functional. It's the perfect cross between my Carrot and original Flourish pen, with just the right amount of grip whilst feeling secure and balanced in the hand.

The solid brass tail moves the centre of gravity to the centre of the pen so that you have full control and lightness of touch on your upstrokes.

Secret nib compartment
Nib tins, who needs 'em. Your Bloom conceals up to 3 nibs, so you can easily take your favourites with you wherever you go.



  • Length – 165mm
  • Weight – 30g


  • Length – 165mm
  • Weight – 35g

Nibs are sold separately and you can find them here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Matthew C.
Bloom Wisteria

Really pleased with this calligraphy pen holder. The colour is fantastic - I now need to purchase the ink to match!

massimo l.
Beautiful pen

It's a very beautiful pen, but to make beautiful writing you also need a beautiful hand, when are you going to put it on sale?

R. K.
Beautiful Pen

The pen is very beautiful in color and shape, and fits well in your hand.I really like that.

Fru B.
Bloom - Wisteria

This pen is super beautiful and easy to handle. I really like the idea that I can carry nibs inside. Can’t wait to use it more. :)

Yvonne R.
Bloom - Wisteria Limited Edition

This a beautiful well made nib holder that was so nicely balanced, and felt so comfortable in my hand. I will definitely look forward to more writing with this beautiful tool.