Klara - sketchINK® - Waterproof Pigment Ink

If you are looking for a waterproof ink for your Lumos, I recommend trying the NEW Tom's Studio Pigment Ink

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Lumos Compatible

Klara -  an aqua green hue.

I've finally found the holy grail of inks!

sketchINK® is lightfast, permanent, waterproof, archival and available in 9 beautiful colours.

These incredible German-made inks are suitable for fountain pens and the Lumos.

You can chuck the most weird and wonderful inks at a calligraphy pen. However, pens with reservoirs or feeds like the Lumos or Fountain Pens wince in fear of waterproof or pigmented inks as these often cause clogging. Due to some serious German ingenuity, the nano pigments in sketchINK® ensure a wonderfully smooth flow in all pens.


  • For use in Fountain Pens and The Lumos fine-liner tip.
  • We do not recommend using these inks with the Lumos' Felt, Chisel or Brush Tip.
  • This glorious ink can also be diluted with water, to create washes and to achieve greater coverage and shading - A true Jack of all Trades.
  • Each bottle holds 50ml of this lovely ink, to keep you writing, drawing or doodling for longer.