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Special Editions

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Special Editions. These will be handcrafted calligraphy, writing tools and accessories that I will release in small batches every few months.  Each collection will have it's own theme, for instance it may be a collaboration with a company I love, like the pens I made from offcut jeans with Hiut Denim Pressed Dorset flowers or a use of material in a novel or sustainable way. The possibilities are endless!
 skateboard pen an oblique nib pen pictured with skateboard deck
These collections will be my canvas to experiment with new techniques and ideas and an opportunity to bring you totally unique designs with their very own story.
As a result I won't be taking any custom orders for the time being but this doesn't mean that you won't have a say in these designs.  My best ideas have come from you guys! I'd love to know what sort of designs, materials and themes you'd like to see in the comments below.
a row of fountain pens with their lids off
Here's a list of a few of of the collections I'm currently considering, I'd also be really interested to hear your thoughts on any favourites.
- Black - An exploration of materials + techniques to create this timeless colour.
- Constellations
- Artist / maker Collaborations.  (have you got any favourites?)
- Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter Botanicals and flowers
- Sustainable, what waste materials can I repurpose to make them useful & beautiful again?
- Ocean.
- Inspired by architecture.
- Aurora.
- Precious materials. 
an elegant oblique calligraphy pen
An oblique nib calligraphy pen

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