Calligraphy Pen Details

A Labour Of Love

From the first pen I made for my wife to the pens I now make for my customers around the world. I put the same care and attention into each and every pen. I love what I do and hope that it shows in the finished product.


The weightless feeling of the nib on the page is one of the big differences between budget holders and mine. It's also really hard to achieve using traditional materials and methods. The brass or copper tails of my holders have been precisely engineered to counterbalance the weight of the body so the centre of gravity sits further back in your hand, giving you more control and making finer upstrokes a breeze.


It may already be obvious but I'm in love with the process of making products by hand, I'm not interested in churning out thousands of products for the sake of making more money. For me, using my hands to make products gives them a life of their own and no two are the same. Each pen is made with the same care and attention as the those first holders I made for my wife.


"Beauty is the harmony of form and function" Alvar Aalto.

This has to be one of my favourite quotes as it embodies what I try to achieve with every holder I make and I believe materials play a big part in this. My criteria for choosing them is based on longevity, function and aesthetics. With the aim of making tools that will last several lifetimes, perform their task as well as when they were fresh out the box and look good doing it!