Japanese Brush Tip

Transform your fountain pen with this innovative Japanese Brush Tip and expand the creative possibilities of your favourite tool.

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It’s taken a lot of work behind the scenes to bring my idea of a brush tip that's compatible with a fountain pen to life.


I’m so pleased that I finally cracked it, as it is such a joy to use. The versatile tip adds real depth to line work so it’s perfect for brush lettering and illustration, and it can be refilled time and time again with a whole range of inks for maximum creative expression.

The Japanese Brush Tip is 4.5mm at its thickest and hairline at its thinnest giving loads of depth and expression to your artistic stroke.

I designed a brand new feed using an SLS super accurate industrial 3D printer to ensure that the air flow was good enough to transport the ink smoothly and generously from the cartridge through such a chunky tip.The end result is a brilliantly juicy effect on the page that I think you’ll love. 

I’ve been a bit disappointed in the durability of brush tips in the past, and so I tested loads until I found one that I felt was sufficiently long lasting. However, as with all good things they will one day come to an end. Luckily the nib is reversible, and so when one end starts to dull, you can flip it over and keep going. It’s two for the price of one!  

You'll receive a spare brush tip with every purchase.

Each nib will come in either transparent (pictured) or black housing.

Each feed is manufactured on an SLS super accurate industrial 3D printer. The white 3D printed feed will change the colour of the ink due to its porosity.

When you’re ready to switch inks, you can simply wash the nib with cold water. Or, you can switch to using your new ink without cleaning in between, and enjoy the amazing new colours you create as the inks transition and blend together.

Not compatible with shimmer ink but can be used with a broad range of other inks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Timothy V.
Love the idea, but needs improvement

Love the idea, but it needs to be a tad stiffer or maybe a smaller size for detail work. I’m not heavy handed and it is difficult to get a fine line for calligraphy. Keep improving! Again - great idea and I love being able to use my own ink!

Jonathan R.M.
It’s Joy to use is marred by its mess

I write this with ink covered fingers. It’s my second time of using the brush, and each time I have, I have found it a truly joyous experience. However, the next day when I’ve gone to use it, the entire contents of the cartridge (though brilliantly refillable) has emptied into the cap and surrounding page it was resting on. The pens are truly epic, but for me, this brush needs some finessing.