The Poise - Pencil Grip & Extender

Meticulously crafted from solid aluminum and brass – enhances pencil performance with ergonomic design and adjustable balance.

Colour Ivy

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The humble pencil just got an upgrade!

Performance of a lifetime: Meticulously crafted from solid aluminum and brass. It's a testament to my commitment to creating products that not only perform flawlessly for years to come but also exude elegance.

A Pencil's Guardian Angel: The humble pencil can be a sensitive beast and deserves protection, and that's precisely what the Poise offers. No more worrying about shattered leads from accidental drops. The Poise wraps your pencil in a comforting embrace, keeping it sharp and ready for your creative endeavours.

Grip with Grace: Our Poise pencil grip is designed with micro grooves that instill confidence in your grip, ensuring your artistic vision flows effortlessly onto the paper.

Balance by Your Design: Just as every artist's style is different, so are their preferences when it comes to using their tools. The Poise understands this and allows you to tailor the balance of your pencil down to the millimeter. It's the perfect dance partner for your artistic journey.

Waste Not Want Not: Extend the life of your beloved pencils. The Poise can add another 40mm to the end of your pencil, ensuring that no part of it goes to waste.

Ergonomic Elegance: The Poise's varying diameter and smooth contours allow you to hold it exactly where it feels like an extension of your hand. Say goodbye to discomfort during long creative sessions.


  • Inner diameter – 8mm
  • Outer diameter – 10-11mm

Pencil not included.

The Poise will leave little circles on your pencil where you have tightened the thumbscrew.

Fits pencils, charcoal and crayons of any shape up to a maximum diameter of 8mm. 

PBrass patinates over time, however it's easy to bring it back to it's gleaming best with a little bit of metal polish.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Marion S.

I love my beautiful and functional pencil extender; what a fantastic idea. I have it on a short pencil -it provides the promised beautiful balance and also comfort, there is no comparison with using a bare hexagonal wood pencil. I’ve been using it to write down music I’ve been improvising/composing (amateur) and just so enjoy using the extender. Thank you.

Ah you are so welcome Marion, and thank you for such a lovely review!

Katherine P.

Looks stylish, a lot of money to make the pencil last longer but hopefully will be appreciated as a gift for an artist