Tom's Studio - Fountain Pen Nib - Cursive Italic B

A specialized nib that is designed to produce line variations in handwriting.


Made exclusively for our fountain pens, all of my nibs are tipped with incredibly hard-wearing iridium for super smooth writing, and are plated in a 14k gold for a classically stunning look. As a bonus all nibs can be interchanged so you can easily write in different styles whenever it suits you.

Cursive Italic Fountain Pen Nib -  is a specialized nib that is designed to produce line variations in handwriting. It is a type of italic nib that has a smooth, rounded tip that is slightly flattened on the sides. This flattening creates two distinct writing surfaces: a broader downstroke (1mm(+-0.1)) and a thinner horizontal stroke (hairline - 0.2 mm). The term "cursive" refers to the flowing nature of the script that is produced by this type of nib. The BB designation stands for "double broad," indicating that the nib produces a broad line that is twice as wide as a standard broad nib. With practice the cursive italic nib can produce stunning handwriting that is both distinctive and elegant.

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Customer Reviews

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Paul D.R.
Have I found the perfect pen?!

I’m an architect and pen-pencil obsessive. I’ve been searching for the perfect pen for several decades. I think I might have found it! Weight/balance, ease of use, action of nib - all excellent so far!


I love this nib if I want to get a more consistent outline


I love the fine nib for illustrative works


Beautiful nib. Writes like silk.

The best!

I love the pocket studio pen and the pro flex nib, so portable, makes projects simple and is a pleasure to use!