Lumos Lid

Color Rose Gold

Spare lids for the Lumos Single or Duo.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Verena Z.
It might be tiny but...

….it’s just what I needed to complete my Lumos! Oftentimes I don’t want to unscrew it and screw it together because I will need it again in a minute. The lid is perfect for these situations. Highly recommend it!

Lid for Lumos

The pen is lovely, but I would have expected to have a lid to cover the other end of the pen. I understand you can flip it to the middle and close, but it still looks incomplete. Shame as it’s beautiful to look at otherwise.


Just what I needed. My pen looks so cool now

Should be included as standard with the duo!

This second lid should really be automatically included with the duo.
I hadn’t fully appreciated that without it you can’t actually use the pen as a double-ended one, or I would have ordered the lid at the time. Now I’m having to pay half the cost of the lid in postage to get one!
The reply was ‘it was designed not to need it’ but from the comments I’m obviously not the only one who would prefer to be able to configure the pen with both tips easily accessible for swapping between when working. At least prompt people to consider buying one when they buy a duo, to save them a ridiculous extra postage cost.

Hi Julia,

Thank you so much for your feedback. The idea with the Duo is that when you have finished using the pen, you screw one of the tips back into the other half of the pen and then cap the tip that is left open. So essentially one half of the pen acts as the lid for the other. If you would prefer one end to be capped whilst using the other side, you can use the lid for that, so there's not really any need for two lids from a design and usability perspective.

Best wishes

Olivier B.
Second purchase

Im very happy with my already 2 large double pens, various inks and stands. De quality is superb and it draws even better then all my previous fineliners. One downside: there is only 1 metal lid inc. you dont need them but its just so much more professional.